by Charlene Morton Photography

I’ve walked the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City many many times and every single time I’m drawn to the majestic oil paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries… the lighting, the architecture, the history, the fashion. I find the art of this period in history fascinating and exquisite. And so, when this photo shoot, all the way from Bath, England made it’s way into our inbox, I was immediately giddy at the thought of the history held within the walls of Guildhall and the way Charlene used the history and architecture of the venue to create something beautiful and avant-garde.

The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5090

From the Photographer: ” I live relatively close to Bath, which is an incredible city and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. With Georgian architecture, it is a photographer’s dream location. I attended a vintage wedding fair to meet couples interested in wedding photography. It was held in Bath Guildhall. I spent most of the day admiring the incredible building and talking the events team into letting me shoot there.

Guildhall, built by Thomas Baldwin in 1775 is situated in the heart of Bath and is a stunning venue for weddings, conferences, and other similar events. The venue appeals to couples from all over the world, and the events team wanted to promote for weddings but with a slightly off-beat edge that a more quirky couple would appreciate. So, I  had the venue sorted and just needed to assemble the concept and team.

With the building being Georgian, I wanted to mix the elegant style of it with a contemporary element. I was influenced by the Steampunk movement and wished to incorporate the intricate and elaborate designs, but wanted to keep the overall look light so mixed this with the whimsical feel of Pre-Raphaelites and the energy of Marie Antoinette “ let them eat cake.“

The team started with Jocelyn, who hand makes intricate corsets and skirts. This, of course, was perfect for the period I wanted. Then with the help of Jocelyn, we added Esther, who is a milliner to make incredible head pieces. Sarah was enlisted to source and design bespoke jewelry for us to use. I had previously met Jen, who is a fantastic makeup artist and understands what is suitable for photography.

Hair was styled by Sam, who is local to Bath and our go to for any on-site arrangements. She also helped me source Lottie, our Blonde model. Jade had modeled some of Jocelyn’s corsets before and was the perfect contrast with her dark more gothic like features. Last but certainly not least was Dawn and husband who had the hardest logistics job of all. They filled their van full of props for us to use and style the rooms. Some of the pieces were so unusual, and it was great fun seeing what was coming out of the van next! “

The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5091 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5096 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5095 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5094 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5093 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5092 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5100 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5099 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5098 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5097 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5103 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5102 The Westchester Wedding Planner, Charlene_Morton_Photography_5101Photographer:  Charlene Morton Photography | Jewelry: Balm Jewellrey | Hair Stylist: Bath Bridal Hair | Veils and headpieces: Esther Louise Millinery | Makeup Artist: Jennifer’s Dressing Table | Dress Designer: Little Miss Chic | Model: Miss Drazen | Design and Decor: Teapots and Tiaras | Event Venue: The Guildhall | Model: The Twig- Model | Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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