Lara & Gary

This destination wedding in Crete was all about playing up the rustic bohemian vibe! Set against the exotic backdrop of the sensuous Aegean Sea, this charming couple said “I Do” barefoot in the soft silky sand surrounded by their nearest and dearest. As guests took their seats on the beach Gary, ever the dapper gentleman decked out in bow tie and suspenders, awaited his lovely bride Lara.

Nearby, the finishing touches were laid on the rustic dinner table arranged under a romantic Bedouin tent. Think soft neutral hues – influenced by the surrounding natural beauty of Crete. Vintage milk bottles adorned with baby’s breath dotted the burlap runner in the center of the table, and delicate seashells served as seating place card holders. When the light began to fade behind the western mountains, dozens of fairy lights and nature’s thousands of twinkling stars would provide a warm, gentle glow on this happy group.

The styling for this beach wedding in Crete was inspired by the rustic natural beauty and simplicity of the island. Think windswept rocky mountains tumbling into sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. Curled knotted trunks of centuries-old olive trees, their leaves shimmering silver and green in the brilliant Mediterranean sun. Deserted villages whose charm lies in the crumbling forgotten buildings.

Lara emerged on the beach; her long sun kissed hair effortlessly falling in waves down her back, and took her place next to Gary under a bamboo canopy adorned with flowing beige gauze. Exquisite flowers in shades of cream and pale pink underscored by pops of vibrant emerald green, softly gazed at the wedding party as the sun made its gentle departure. The couple made every effort to complete the look of the wedding we worked so lovingly to create. The bride’s unique two-piece dress emphasized her natural beauty.

The floor length delicate flowing skirt and textured feminine top played up the bohemian vibe of the night. Her beloved bridesmaids, hands clasped around wispy bunches of baby’s breath, wore beautiful, relaxed dresses reminiscent of the 60’s & 70’s. The groomsmen also did their homework! Dressed in pressed white shirts and crisp khaki shorts, the boys paid homage to the hipster movement and accessorized with suspenders and bowties. Everyone attending this island wedding was clothed in palpable happiness.

All the details we hand selected to compose and style Lara and Gary’s big day, from the no-fuss natural décor to the reception under the Bedouin tent next to the sea, worked in effortless harmony with each other. Seeing our vision come to life at this gorgeous rustic beach wedding in Crete was inspiring and makes us love what we do!

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Photographer:  HannaMonika Wedding Photography | Wedding Planner: Moments Weddings & Events, Crete | Dress Designer: Jen’s Pirate Booty | Ring Designer: Jeremy France Jewellers | Accommodations: Minos Mare Hotel | Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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January 19, 2017
Does anyone know where the bride's dress is from? It is beautiful!
    January 19, 2017
    Hi Kay, The dress is from Jen's Pirate Booty. Regards, TWWP