Kimberly & Andrew

Going back to sixth grade would be how far I would need to go for the full story, but for the sake of everyone I will speed it up to a month ago when Kimberly, the quiet yet hilarious girl I knew in middle school got in touch with me that she would be getting married to Andrew. My heart was so happy for her!Andrew and Kim met at a friends house warming party and as they both said it was history from there on out. Both are genuinely great people and hold family at an importance in their lives.

I am so happy to meet Andrew and see Kimmy after all of these years! A note from Kim… “When Andrew got stationed at the naval base in Virginia Beach in March, we had to do long distance for a couple of months, and on one of my long commutes home from Albany, over the phone, he said he wanted to marry me and that he wanted to save for a ring. He promised he would talk to my parents when he was ready to buy the ring and make the whole formal proposal where he gets down on one knee.

On Thanksgiving, he asked my parents for my hand in marriage and my mom–now knowing he was serious and that he had saved up for a ring–gave us a pair of family heirloom wedding bands with a matching engagement ring from the 1930s. A week after that I felt engaged but I had to wait for the ring to be resized and he still wanted to have a special moment where he gets down on one knee and all. It finally became official when he did the down on one knee thing in Millbrook after my hair appointment. Totally took me by surprise!”

Photographer:  Hannah Nicole Photography | Other Location: Brooklyn Bridge | Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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