This lovely couple wanted to incorporate their Scottish heritage into every aspect of their wedding and by the looks of it, they nailed it. From the sashes to the cake to the bagpiper, this beautifully elegant affair is unmistakably Scottish.

Photography by  Michelle Robinson Photography

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Carol Anne & Chad

“What do you do when a lovely bride calls you, says she loves your work and wants you right then to be their photographer for a small intimate wedding? Especially when it is Scottish wedding with kilts, sashes, and Scottish thistles? You say YES! And this wedding DID NOT disappoint!! Carol Anne and I (Michelle) immediately connected from the first phone call! She had so many wonderful ideas that came alive on the phone, a gorgeous venue (The Burke Manor Inn) and such a bright, warm personality! It felt like talking to a long time friend who wanted to catch up. I loved every second! Carol Anne talked about all the details that she wanted to use! From colors to sashes, to kilts! She wanted to incorporate their background of Scottish heritage into their wedding. And by goodness, she nailed it! It was stunning to see it all come together! Her dream began a reality this past weekend when an intimate gathering of friends and family came around her and Chad! Chad and Joseph (Carol Anne’s son and best man) wore a kilt with each of the clan colors and pins! Carol Anne had her lucky pence in her left shoe given to her by her father and added pops of color that connected back to both of their families clans. One of our favorite detail that they included in their wedding was where their invitations and kilts were made. Are you ready for this? They were all made…in Scotland for Carol Anne and Chad! How amazing is that?! Oh, it was so magical!!”

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Photographer:  Michelle Robinson Photography | Reception Venue: Burke Manor Inn | Bridesmaid Store: Davids Bridal | Cake Designer: Delicious Cakes | Floral Designer: Pat’s Flowers and Gifts | Musicians: Piper of North Carolina | Invitation Designer: Scottish Wedding Invitations Submitted via Two Bright Lights




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