It’s not often we receive a couple’s love story about how they met and how he proposed from the perspective of the guy. It’s certainly a window into the heart. I have to say that it’s so sweet to read the passionate words of a man truly head over heals for a girl. I suggest you grab a cup of coffee or tea and read Lucas and Jordan’s story from the perspective of the guy how adores her.

Photography by Peach Veil Photography & Film


Lucas &  Jordan

We all have a “plan” for how our lives are going to play out… But time and time again, reality rapidly sets in to remind us we’re not totally in control. I remember the first time I saw Jordan vividly because at that moment, my “life plan” was in shambles and I knew fate had something special for us in store. Everything I aspired to and longed for in life such as business success, or lavish vacations, I could no longer think about without including her. That was when I knew that I would do whatever it took to make this overly special woman my wife. To say the least, I was not at all prepared to be thrown so deeply into love.

I was an 18-year-old, gym rat, nutrition nerd, living the bachelor life just trying to make some cash on the side by writing exercise and nutrition programs. Through mutual friends, my information was given to Jordan, and she scheduled a meeting with me. I knew she was pretty through the grapevine, but it was very much put into a real perspective for me when I saw how stunningly beautiful she was in person, on my parent’s front porch five years ago. When I opened the front door, I greeted her and invited her to sit down at the table. We discussed for about an hour what the program I had written for her entailed and then she left… But I “may” have done something a little devious and written her program wrong so she would be forced to contact me again. Have we heard “love can make you do crazy things” right? Well, it worked out tremendously for me because we started going to the gym together. We did this for about four months, and we were together, but not together at the same time. Jordan wanted to be exclusive, but not call me her boyfriend… It drove me nuts! I finally called her over one day and “I can’t love you like this and not call you my girlfriend.” She then let out a big sigh and said “Fine; you want to date? Let’s date!”

Flash forward five, wonderful years later. The woman, who fought not to love me, is now my best friend and by some miracle, loves me too. We had been getting asked when we were going to get married left and right. It was practically implied that I was going to propose soon and that we were eventually going to get married. Thus, making it catastrophically difficult for me to sneak the proposal without suspicion… So against all odds, I had to come up with a plan to propose to this woman without her being the least bit suspecting. We have a wonderful tradition of going to our favorite restaurant, Ruggles Green, in Houston on Valentine ’s Day because they give you dessert for free if you kiss at the register. I love kissing my woman and their “pink velvet cake” is to die for, so it is a win-win for the both of us. I called up Ruggles to let them know I was going to propose to Jordan there because it’d be another normal weekend of going to the gym and then walking together to Ruggles… She would never suspect me of proposing when we are both smelly and sweaty! In fact, she may even be a little upset about it! So I called all of our friends and family to let them know the plan. My plan was to order our food and sit down like another normal weekend, but I would go the front and order dessert post meal… But with the dessert, our friends, family, and the ring would come out behind her so she wouldn’t see them physically coming towards her. By some miracle it worked out perfect and she had no idea what was about to change her life forever. She got to turn around to see all of her friends and family cheering for us. I immediately felt the weight fall off of my shoulders and was so relieved she said yes, but also that the plan was executed so well. I could not thank Ruggles, my friends, and my family enough for helping me make it happen.

We’ve been married for over a month now, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of our lives entail. They say time flies when you have fun… And boy, does it need to slow down. To Jordan, I love you and always will… Calling you my wife is a privilege and honor. I am proud to be your Mr.Wright.

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Photographer:  Peach Veil Photography & Film | Reception Venue: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center | Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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