line artPlanning a wedding can seem stressful at first, but picking out unique designs to reflect your personality as a couple can also be a fun and fulfilling experience. The key is to know where to start. The wedding design tips below can arm you with the knowledge to make your planning a success. Use them as a starting point to unleash your creativity and examine your options. Whatever your budget, you have plenty of options to plan your dream wedding.

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The color is one of the first items that you will want to decide upon. Many weddings stick to two or three chosen colors that are woven throughout the entire wedding. They create an instant theme and can be an excellent way to showcase your personality and style as a couple.

A multi-colored creative approach, however, can add that extra sparkle of fun to your dream day. The colors can be as unique and fanciful as you want. Just make sure that your choices truly reflect who you are. Visit our Color Boards for inspiration.

Some couples choose to include a theme for their wedding. Such themes can vary from black tie to country and everything in between. The sky is the limit! The goal is to express the personal style of the bride and groom, so let your combined creativity lead the way. Themes need not be extensive, over the top or cumbersome to plan. Simply pick a few of your favorite designs and incorporate them throughout to add that special touch. This is an excellent way to set a unique direction for your special day and have a bit of fun in your wedding planning process.

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Flowers are some of the most important elements in any wedding design, so take the time to select them carefully. You may also wish to incorporate a splash of greenery to diversify your color palate. Choose flowers and greens that are connected to your theme or that are associated with the season of your wedding. While these items can add a fair share of expense, don’t give up on them too soon. Consider choosing one flower type and buying in bulk or using few flowers delicately woven throughout the décor. This w ill give your wedding a festive look without breaking the budget. Browse our Galleries where you will find thousands of beautiful ideas and inspiration.

Have Fun
Don’t allow the details of planning a wedding bog you down and keep you from enjoying the process. Keep your eyes on the prize and everything in perspective. Remember, the most important components of your dream day are the bride and groom. So, let your love for one another shine through the wedding design process and lead you all the way to your perfect day. Just let your creativity unfold and don’t be afraid to make your special day all about you!

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