I love this luxury black tie soiree. All the emotion of the day, the beautiful details, the flowers and the colors so beautifully captured by Red Eye Collection, it’s all so light and lovely. For the couple, choosing their wedding color was easy. Michelle and Mick chose purple as their wedding color to honor her mom who sadly passed away from Alzheimer’s disease shortly before the wedding. Excellent choice in so many ways.


Michelle & Mick

From the Bride: We met Freshman year on the first day of school in a philosophy class at Fordham University in NewYork City in 2007. I played soccer at Fordham and Mick was a student football coach. We started dating in the spring and have been together ever since.

When Mitch proposed, we were going for a run around our neighborhood, and we were about 5 minutes into the run. I started talking about what to cook for dinner and Mick stopped and said he had something serious to talk about. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

We got married at St. Dunstan because that has been my parish since I was born and we had Mick’s parish priest preside over the mass. We chose the venue for its stunning views and ambiance. We chose the color purple in honor of my mom, Marilyn, who passed away in February from Alzheimer’s disease. Purple is the color for Alzheimer’s Awareness.

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Photographer: Red Eye Collection | Officiant: Corpus Christi Catholic Church | Hair Stylist: Le Reve Salon | Musicians: Livewire Band | Event Planner: Make It Happen! | Floral Designer: Nicole Ha Designs | Reception Venue: Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club | Paper Props: The Brocade Blackbird | Bakery: The Cakery on Burlingame Avenue | Submitted via Two Bright Lights






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