Captured by Red Eye Collection, this romantic San Francisco City Hall super intimate wedding is seriously stylish and oh so sweet. I just love the story told by these images, a story of the pure love, happiness, sophistication, and elegance. I invite you to scroll down slowly and enjoy.


Elizabeth and Adam

Elizabeth got ready for her big day at The Battery SF, an exclusive hotel and social club located in the Financial District. It’s urban setting, great views and gorgeous decor made for a perfect start to her and Adam’s special day. The ceremony took place on the north side gallery of San Francisco’s beautiful and historic City Hall. Which was then completed with a trolley ride around the city, where its final destination was dinner and cocktails at the Alta Ca.

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Photographer:  Red Eye Collection | Location: Alta CA | Hair Stylist: Grasshoppper Salon | Floral Designer: Michael Daigian Design | Ceremony Location: San Francisco City Hall | Other Location: The Battery SF | Shoes: Louboutin | Getting ready: The Battery SF | Submitted via Two Bright Lights




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