We hope you all enjoyed a fantastic holiday weekend. Today, we begin the day with a sweet styled shoot from Jessica Hunt Photography. Here’s a Hindu bridal inspiration photoshoot along with a little story about the dress this beautiful model is wearing. Enjoy!

Photography by Jessica Hunt Photography


From the model, Bindi, “On my mother’s trip to India this past summer, she went to revisit her childhood home and brought back some treasures from her past.  She stumbled upon a treasure trove of my grandmother’s beautiful saris, 9 yards of fine silks and colorful cotton that were intricately embroidered and meant to be wrapped elegantly around the body.  This is where my mom found one of her favorite saris that she remembers adorning my gorgeous grandmother when she was a little girl.  She could not resist, she snagged her favorites and a few family albums and headed straight to the tailor.  She had the vision to transform her mother’s memories into something timeless for her daughter.

When my mother came back from India, she couldn’t wait to unpack her bags and show me what she had done.  Instantly, I saw the creamy blue and light pink tie dye hues of a sari I had seen in old photo albums of my grandmother.  My mom had the sari turned into a two piece traditional Indian gown in the glamorous style of old Bollywood and instantly I felt tears well up.  This dress was such a touching gift and the pictures capture the essence of its beauty perfectly.”

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Photographer:  Jessica Hunt Photography | Event Venue: The Lace House and Governors Mansion | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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