The idea for this inspiration came about when the photographer visited the site. An industrial environment with large windows and rough looking wall.  Raw. A perfect place to introduce the elegance of a bride and amazing details.

Dresses: The choice of light and soft fabrics such as organza, silk chiffon, and lace are ideal to offset the environment. For these two dresses created especially for the shoot, we put in all our love for the graceful elegance, femininity, romance and our sartorial tradition.

Decor: The table was designed to emphasize the contrast between a deliberately understated environment and the lushness of floral arrangements and accessories from silver to the crystal. The decorative materials have been chosen for their fullness and softness that give a precious character and elegance to the scene: English roses, peonies, wallflowers, carnations, jasmine gathered in the beautiful compositions of green sinuous and light that reflect the style garden, natural and spontaneous.

A takeover of nature over man-made objects, in an entirely post-industrial scenario.For the decor of the ceremony, we choose accessories made with raw materials and worn by time, wood and rusted metal found in deposits of old factories and metal holes unearthed in an artisan workshop in France and the Flanders. The main accessories are combined with glass and cans in colors that amplify rust and desaturation, textures and colors that reveal the patina of time.

The bouquet: We made three proposals for the bride’s bouquet. The overall idea of the bouquet is given by neutral tones, dusty pastel epitome of understated elegance and refined.

Stationary: A graphical suite in which “matter” had a major role, worked on ” the distressed/aged “that you see on the card edges and which is accentuated by the texture of the enclosure card. A real rock was hand painted and used as a placeholder on the table. The invitations used the colors of green, gold and a medium gray. The leaves are present, as a decorative element, both on the invitations and physically on the envelope. In perfect blackboard style, nothing is more apt to give the sense of rough stone. A hand-drawn decoration with the names of the Bride and Groom.

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Photographer:  Fotografa Matrimonio | Cinema and Video: Lara Peviani | Video: Lara Peviani http://www.docuwedding.it | Dress- Couture Hayez, http://www.couturehayez.com |  Floral: Flormidable http://www.flormidable.it | Graphics & Stationery: Intodesign http://www.intodesign.org |  Mua-Hair: Enrico Piccione | Shoes: Zunica / Cake: Vintage Backery | Goffratura carta: Chartularia | Hand painted rock: Anna Lo Bianco | Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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