Why You Need An Event Photographer In 2020


Getting married is one of the most momentous events in your lifetime. Your wedding should be as special and unique as the love you have for your partner. Every little detail should be planned out and personalized by you; the invitations and guest list, venue and decor, food and drink arrangements, everything should be just the way you want it on your big day. You also need someone to memorialize the occasion so that all your effort and memories can last forever. A professional photographer is your best bet in capturing every timeless moment and turning them into a work of art. Aside from this, here are 4 more reasons why you need an event photographer at your wedding.


  • They have experience.


A professional photographer has done it before, so unless you’ve invented a new way of getting married, there’s nothing that they won’t have already encountered. Their experience with capturing a variety of experiences means they know how to work in various conditions and with many different subjects. They already have an idea of when the bride will put that beautiful smile on her face and how to get that shot of the groom looking absolutely in love. A good photographer has gained their popularity precisely because they are good at their job, so you don’t have to worry about not looking good in your photos-  they can make you look beautiful within any setting and lighting scenario.


  • They provide quality.


Sure, you could just make your sister the designated photographer of the day and have her capture everything, but the quality of a cellphone camera will never be as good as a professional’s gear. You could also have your friend with the most aesthetic Instagram feed do all the editing, but just because they know how to use filters, doesn’t mean they know how to use Photoshop. When you hire a photographer, you’re paying for more than just the pictures. You’re also paying for their knowledge, services, and equipment, all of these contribute to the overall quality of the end product. You can rest assured that they know the ins and outs of their gear and are capable of editing the raw photos so that they’re perfect. High-quality images are even more important if you plan on using them as a centrepiece in your home.


  • They know what to look for.


Your wedding day will be a beautiful occasion, but it will also be stressful. Having a photographer you trust will help remove some of that stress since you can count on them to take charge of all the picture taking. They know how to pose couples, as well as friends and family, for those big group photos. They know what shots to look for, and how to get the best candids. When you hire a professional, you won’t have to be running after them or be constantly giving them instructions because they already know what to look for. They’ll be able to capture the big moments, like the kiss or your first dance, as well as the smaller moments of your parents beaming with pride, in creative and unique ways.


  • They can personalize your photos.


Every couple is unique, and chances are you have a very specific vision in mind for your big day that you want to come through in the images you have afterwards. A professional photographer will work with you before, during, and even after your wedding to ensure that the photos are exactly the way you want them. They will take the time to get to know you as a couple and as individuals, and answer any questions that you might have. They know how to be creative within the limits that you give them since professionals will understand what you’re looking for, whether these are playful moments, candids, portraits, or even all of the above, your requests will be honoured and respected.

Your wedding is a milestone event that deserves to be memorialized. Having an album just for the memories will be so lovely to look back on years down the line, maybe even with your future kids as you tell them your love story. Do remember to find a photographer who can capture the occasion from start to finish. The photographer should be a source of inspiration and have the ability to get both the big moments as well as the small and intimate ones. If you’re still looking, The Crop has many talented event photographers who would love to document any of your events.

Top Reasons To Hire A Photo Booth For Your Event



Prior to we dig right into the reasons that you need a photo booth in your next occasion, it is very important that we take a little while to ask, what is a photo booth? You might have seen much of them in the past, however just what are they?


In the past, photo booths were merely booth makers that snapped photos when coins are dropped into them. Photo booths take numerous shapes and sizes, from a standalone video camera, to even a mirror photo booth.


Photo booths are a great party favour


For your visitors, they get to take home a piece of the occasion, a point in time where the enjoyable is frozen and captured. Picture strips, however, are products they not only keep however will share with others. The finest part is the photos can be branded with your business logo, wedding monogram, or event message.


Camera Shutter


Adds to the Home Entertainment Value


Photo booths come with interesting props that are vital if you desire your visitors to get excited about the occasion. When you work with Orlando Photo Booths, guarantee they have feather wings, image frames, spectacles, large hats, and fake moustaches.


Get in on the action


A photo booth is a wonderful way to hang out with your guests and make them truly seem like a part of your wedding as you capture great memories together and hang around with your fellow celebration visitors. Plus, while we’re not ones to dish sugared almonds, your guests will absolutely thank you for providing a welcome option to the norm, with their personalised print working as a continuous reminder of your big day.


People Can Unwind and Be Spontaneous


Some of them look much better in reality than they look in images, no matter how skilled the photographer is. Considering that they do not feel monitored as much, individuals can be more relaxed for the picture. Considering that the photo booth setting and props encourage everybody to go wild, this will likewise contribute to a much better attitude and more delight.



It Engages Your Guests


It is offered that your visitors will need to have some form of entertainment and a photo booth is a dazzling choice. Even a shy individual ends up being outgoing whenever taking pictures with good friends. The enjoyable and laughter are a sight to see that it motivates other visitors to desire to have their photos taken too.


The Minutes Photographers Miss


A photographer is utilized to milling around your event to capture images that will really assist your visitors to keep in mind that day. But as talented as the professional photographer you hired might be, it is difficult for them to be at every moment.

A professional photographer is used to milling around your event to catch images that will really help your visitors to remember that day. However as gifted as the professional photographer you employed may be, it is difficult for them to be at every minute.


Enjoyable Guest Photos


The issue with staged photos is that not everybody enjoys having their picture taken and you’ll end up with images of just the guests that actually want their image taken. A photo booth offers an unwinded, trouble-free system managed by the guests themselves.


Ways To Make Your Wedding More Memorable


Ways To Make Your Wedding More Memorable

All that participate in the wedding event are there for one factor, to celebrate the marital relationship of household or friends. Whether your wedding event is big or small, there are so numerous ways to add individuality to your day.

Planning a wedding event includes a million decisions. Before you get swept up by ideas you find in publications, blog sites and Pinterest, speak to your honey about what makes your relationship special– and then start making decisions as a couple based on that.

Pick just those ideas which are individual to you and your wedding event will be unforgettable.

Encourage Pre Ceremony Interactions.

Most weddings usually consider some sort of entertainment whilst waiting in the reception area, if you’re anything like a photo booth hire Orlando then you will know that people love this!

Building up the chemistry of your guests ahead of “I do” time will get them feeling like they understand each other, and by the time the event gets here, fantastic conversations and huge hugs will happen all throughout the huge night. Activities that are accessible, appealing, adventurous and even kid-themed can be particularly gratifying.

Whether you have a cocktail hour preceding the ceremony or not, welcome the entire visitor list to a post-rehearsal dinner social gathering at your favourite regional hangout or very first date area.

Provide Everyone With a Take Home Bag?

Whether you’re hosting a destination wedding event or hometown bash, a few of your guests have to take a trip to be a part of your day.

To show your appreciation, provide welcome bags for visitors staying at hotels. Include a few treats, bottles of water, and a list of regional areas, like the nearest drug store, dining establishments, and coffee shops, plus any neighbouring destinations.

wedding photo

What Activities Do You Like Doing With Your Loved Ones?

Integrating elements of an activity you like can also be rather unforgettable for your guests. Possibly, the two of you are movie enthusiasts. Supply cards consisting of motion picture trivia at the visitor tables. 

This is likewise an excellent method for your visitors to start the ball rolling especially if they are sitting with others they do not know. If you and your fiancé delight in the theatre, consider having a fun photo booth with props where your guests can pretend to be starlets and actors. Your guests will find this to be enjoyable and you’ll get some terrific images to treasure.

Don’t Forget The Special Components

Helium or air-filled balloons matched to the colour of the bridesmaids’ gowns can add the ‘ooh’ element to your reception venue.


What About the Gifts.

The moms of the couple who have been so encouraging in the run-up to the wedding event love to be shocked at the reception with an arrangement of flowers or a gift from the pleased couple. The bridesmaids too will value a present for their efforts– a little piece of jewellery is conventional.

Your option of music can influence the whole tone of the night likewise!

You can also attempt offering your wedding a personal touch. A lot of couples ignore this aspect and choose to go traditional, however, you can make changes in the programme to make the occasion all the more special.

So Now You Know How To Have A Memorable Wedding.

Brides and grooms are having a barn, farm, grassy field, vineyard, cattle ranch and nation wedding events where they can showcase myriad details in any number of innovative ways.

All that attend the wedding event are there for one factor, to celebrate the marriage of household or buddies. Whether your wedding event is little or big, there are so lots of ways to include individuality to your day. 


Important Details To Know For Your Wedding During Coronavirus Pandemic



There’s a whole lot to think about when intending your wedding day despite where your wedding event date falls on the calendar. But if it takes place to be in the midst of the coronavirus situation, you could be wondering what you ought to do if anything to prepare and plan for the potential that your wedding might be affected.

The coronavirus outbreak has tossed right into question a number of, if not all, facets of life as we know it.

Naturally, the general risk that the virus postures to the general public’s wellness are of wonderful worry, as is the future of small companies, salaries, lease and home mortgage payments, food and resources and our ability to travel.

With wedding celebration season quick coming close to, several couples will certainly additionally be doubting whether their forthcoming nuptials will be able to go ahead as intended, or whether they will certainly be required to delay or even terminate their big day.



How to Gracefully Cancel an Event - Eventbrite US Blog

Vendors, organizers and couples all agree that if you’re in the procedure of postponing, your very first call or email must be to the place. Enter contact with the location initially since that is the largest financial investment, after that contact suppliers to see exactly how every little thing straightens.

Wedding event planner echoes this advice however keeps in mind that places might have different approaches depending upon their contract and also routine. Begin those discussions with your location asap and try to be reasonable. If you’re set on not paying any more than you currently have, you may have to make some trade-offs. Some venues can’t provide you with another Saturday, yet they’ll give you a Friday or Sunday. There might be some that need to be jeopardized yet your safety and security have to constantly come first.




If your wedding event is several weeks or months away, you may have time to obtain wedding celebration insurance coverage. There are 2 main types of insurance coverage, obligation insurance policy and also termination or postponement protection, and also you can get one or both. Some locations currently require obligation insurance coverage, but wedding organizers suggest taking the extra action of getting cancellation insurance coverage as well.

26 Real COVID-19 Weddings From Around the World

However, make certain to check out the small print and consult your insurance supplier. Whether cancellation protection will certainly compensate for occasions postponed as a result of the coronavirus break out might rely on city and also state constraints.

You may check ATO update during CoronaVirus 19.

Among the client’s termination coverage kicked in when the shelter-in-place order ended up being necessary. A referral from the local government would not cover it, but a required did.

Continue to keep an eye on restrictions in the area where you’re marrying as well as contact your insurance providers straight with any type of questions.



11 Things You Need to Do Before Booking Your Wedding Vendors ...

As you begin the postponement procedure, prioritize the suppliers that matter one of the most to you as you collaborate with your location to discover a new day. The cost could be a variable replacing a videographer will likely be extra expensive than discovering a brand-new hair and make-up artist yet also keep in mind that your suppliers are managing individual and professional upheaval now, also.

Keep in mind that everybody is human. Small-business owners have actually already invested a lot of job, and fifty per cent of that job is management.


Helpful Ideas For Amazing Wedding Videos


It’s rewarding, chaotic and typically psychological, however, there’s frequently absolutely nothing more stressful than firing a wedding. Right here are some wedding event video clip ideas. The couple will certainly desire and expect you to get all the iconic shots the pledges, the kiss, the dancing et cetera you’ll only have one opportunity at each.

If all of it seems a little overwhelming after that don’t stress, because this guide will certainly assist you with the important actions you need to take in order to get wedding event footage a bride and groom will like. As you might expect, you need to focus on the couple themselves, it’s their day, but this does not imply you must forget the rest of the event. From the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the beaming pleased moms and dad, your video clip requires to include everybody to radiate and also supply some magnificent memories of the day.

These handy special ideas will certainly make images magnificent as ever before!




Another aspect of wedding event videography that you can make use of in your favour now and then is the illumination. In case you are able to control as well as adjust the illumination, maybe for indoor ceremonies, do take full advantage of the situation!

Construct a little lights set that can meet a range of operational problems. The first option is to get a cam hot-shoe placed light itself, typically a led panel that gives enough light to cover the scene. This is generally perfect when you’re shooting outdoors where you need simply an essential light source to add in a light flood.

The use of reflectors and also baby bouncers can not be overstated in wedding videography for they soften the resource-light, brightening your groom and bride with only the softest of the light that beautifully models facial attributes as well as outfits, making them ideal for wedding events!



Those are the words you’ll be delighted to hear from your fellow videographers and most importantly, your client.

A great soundtrack can lend a very cinematic feel to the wedding video, making it stand apart from all others. Consider using external audio recorders to get great audio when you shoot. The crispness and modality of the high-end sound recorder are hard to beat! There are numerous excellent outside sound recorders by Tascam, Zoom along with by Roland and also Sony. Excellent microphones are at the other end of the range. Take into consideration using a cordless lavalier mic that inconspicuously documents good audio.

You can also opt-in for a shotgun on-camera microphone that provides nice, crisp audio from the direction it is pointed to, removing worthless noise and also turmoil so common in wedding events. One more inescapable device is a good set of headphones that preferably have built-in noise cancellation. Studio-quality headphones are a great means to keep an eye on incoming noise as it is being taped, so you obtain an idea of exactly how your final mix will sound like.



Videographers, as well as professional photographers, are utilized to function around each other, complying so that they’re not getting in each other’s shots and also you’ll just gain from putting your digital photographer as well as a videographer in touch immediately. You must consult with your counterpart beforehand as well as draw up something like a football playbook: 

You go left, I go right, remain at a specific angle. If there’s a scene where you know what you actually want then set it up to make sure that you can shoot something without the strobe of a lot of flashbulbs shooting.

Helpful Tips To Plan For A Destination On Your Bachelors Party


Are you assigned to planning a bucks night party? Are you running out of bucks night ideas? Well, this blog will be here to guide you! While it is nice that somebody has entrusted you with such an important part of their life, it can also be a huge responsibility and one which can understandably cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. 

It can be extremely challenging to organize a trip away with a large group of friends, and there are sure to be a few obstacles along the way. It can be helpful to know a few tips if you are flying to a different country, or staying in a rented pool place, all of which should help to make the planning of the trip much more relaxed and ensure that it is a complete success.

The works should begin as soon as you are assigned with planning the event. It should involve speaking to the groom and finding out who they want to come to the party and when the best dates are. It is then a matter of getting in touch with everyone to make sure that they can attend. 

Fortunately, social media is a helpful tool for doing this, or you can start a large group text conversation which will allow you to discuss ideas, answer questions, and plan surprises together.


Best bachelor party destinations | Orbitz

Picking somewhere to go is a huge challenge because you will want to find somewhere that the groom will enjoy spending time, but it must also be somewhere realistic and within everyone’s budget. Put a few ideas to the group and see if there are any ideas which the majority are favouring. 

Keep in mind that you can’t please everyone and that it is all about the groom having a good time. Once you have decided on a destination, you should book accommodation and start looking into activities for the group to enjoy.

Also, keeping track of who has paid for what can be difficult especially if it is a large group. This is why it is helpful to create a spreadsheet at the start which has everyone’s name and the various expenses that need to be paid. This way, you can easily check these off as people pay. Give people deadlines to pay for as otherwise, you could be chasing up money after the event.



No kick-ass party is complete without a round of games to add spice. Get as creative as you can with this one and come up with games which will work for both the bride and the groom’s squad. Take help from the other side because they are in it as much as you are. 

Diamante | Your Luxury Travel Concierge | Bachelor Party

You can make the crowd go gaga over games like- pop the cherry, never have I ever (with a bridal twist), Khoi bag and a quiz about the bride and groom. We promise that your party will be the talk of the town for years to come.

All you alcohol lovers, it’s time to show your real skills for the party. Come up with quirky cocktails which are theme-centric. Create mind-blowing cocktails, old-fashioned drinks, and whatnot. Bring out the bartender in you to get all the party people to consume copious amount of alcohol because let’s face it; no party is a big hit if people are going to bed sober.




As a groom-to-be, unless you have a full-service planner, there’s not much about getting married where you can just sit back and enjoy the ride, except for the bachelor’s party. You can hire a professional photographer to document your bachelors night, and honestly, it will the best money you spent in a while. 

Okay, the first part of this one is super extra. But if you have friends who get into photo-taking or will indulge you go ahead and make the ask for coordinating outfits. You wear white, they wear black, or maybe everybody has matching jackets. Or in my case, everyone wore fun patterns, but the colours were in coordinating families. As silly as it sounds, the pictures will look better. And be open to taking suggestions from your photographer. 

Photos of a Bachelor Party, Stag Party, Stag Night, Stag Weekend ...

If getting pro pics of your celebration sounds like something you want to try, there are a lot of options around Melbourne!

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Top Wedding Photography Tips By Specialists


Top Wedding Photography Tips By Specialists

” Help me– I’m photographing my very first Wedding event! … Assist me with some Wedding Photography Tips Please!”

It’s a question that’s been asked a few times in our online forums over the last couple of months so while I’m not a Pro Wedding Professional photographer I believed it was time to share a few suggestions on the topic of Wedding Photography.

I’ll leave the technical ideas of photographing a wedding to the pros– however as someone who has actually been asked to photograph many friends and family wedding events– here are a few recommendations.

Develop a ‘Shot List’

One of the most handy ideas I have actually been offered about Wedding event Photography is to get the couple to think ahead about the shots that they ‘d like you to capture on the day and compile a list so that you can examine them off. This is particularly handy in the family shots. There’s nothing even worse than getting the photos back and recognizing you didn’t photograph the pleased couple with grandma!

2. Wedding Photography Household Photo Coordinator
I discover the household picture part of the day can be quite stressful. Individuals are going all over, you’re unaware of the different family dynamics at play and people are in a ‘joyful spirit’ (and have frequently been drinking a couple of spirits) to the point where it can be quite chaotic. Get the couple to nominate a family member (or one for each side of the household) who can be the ‘director’ of the shoot. They can round everybody up, aid get them in the shot and keep things moving so that the couple can get back to the celebration.

Wedding Photography Tip 3. Hunt the Place

Visit the locations of the various locations that you’ll be shooting before the wedding day. While I make certain most Pros don’t do this– I find it actually valuable to understand where we’re going, have a concept of a few positions for shots and to understand how the light might come into play. On one or two weddings I even visited locations with the couples and took a couple of test shots (these made nice ‘engagement images’).

4. In Wedding Event Photography Preparation is Secret
A lot can fail on the day– so you require to be well prepared. Have a backup plan (in case of bad weather), have batteries charged, memory cards blank, consider routes and time to get to locations and get an itinerary of the complete day so you know what’s occurring next. If you can, go to the wedding rehearsal of the ceremony where you’ll collect a lot of excellent details about possible positions to shoot from, the lighting, the order of the ceremony and so on

5. Set expectations with the Couple.

Program them your work/style. Find out what they are wanting to attain, how many shots they desire, what crucial things they wish to be recorded, how the shots will be utilized (print etc). If you’re charging them for the occasion, make sure you have the contract of cost in place up front.

6. Turn off the noise on your Electronic camera.

Beeps throughout speeches, the kiss and pledges do not contribute to the occasion. Turn off sound before hand and keep it off.

Wedding event Photography.

7. Shoot the small details.

Picture rings, backs of dresses, shoes, flowers, table settings, menus etc– these help give completion album an extra measurement. Flick through a wedding event magazine in a news mean a little motivation.

8. Use Two Cameras.

Beg, obtain, employ or take an extra video camera for the day– set it up with a different lens. I attempt to shoot with one large angle lens (terrific for honest shots and in tight spaces (especially prior to the event in the preparation phase of the day) and one longer lens (it can be handy to have something as big as 200mm if you can get your hands on one– I utilize a 70-200mm).

9. Consider a 2nd Wedding Event Photographer.

Having a 2nd backup professional photographer can be a fantastic method. It means less moving during ceremony and speeches, permits one to capture the official shots and the other to get honest shots. It likewise takes a little pressure off you being ‘the one’ to have to get every shot!

10. Be Bold however Not Obtrusive.

Wedding Event Photography Tutorial.

Timidity will not get you ‘the shot’– sometimes you need to be bold to capture a moment. Nevertheless timing is everything and thinking ahead to get in the right position for crucial moments are necessary so as not to interrupt the event. In a ceremony I try to move at least 4-5 times however try to time this to accompany tunes, sermons or longer readings. Throughout the formal shots be bold, know what you desire and ask for it from the couple and their celebration. You’re driving the show at this point of the day and need to keep things moving.

11. Discover how to Use Diffused Light.

The ability to bounce a flash or to diffuse it is crucial. You’ll find that in many churches that light is really low. If you’re allowed to use a flash (and some churches do not enable it) consider whether bouncing the flash will work (keep in mind if you bounce off a colored surface it will add a colored cast to the picture) or whether you might wish to buy a flash diffuser to soften the light. If you can’t use a flash you’ll need to either use a quick lens at wide apertures and/or bump up the ISO. A lens with image stabilization might also help. Discover more about Utilizing Flash Diffusers and Reflectors.

12. Shoot in RAW.

I know that lots of readers feel that they do not have the time for shooting in RAW (due to extra processing) however a wedding is one time that it can be particularly beneficial as it provides a lot more flexibility to control shots after taking them. Weddings can present professional photographers with tricky lighting which lead to the requirement to manipulate direct exposure and white balance after the truth– RAW will assist with this significantly.

Wedding event Photography.

13. Display Your Chance Ats the Reception.
Among the fantastic aspects of digital photography is the immediacy of it as a medium. One of the enjoyable things I have actually seen more and more photographers doing recently is taking a computer to the reception, publishing shots taken previously in the day and letting them turn as a slideshow during the evening. This adds an enjoyable component to the night.

14. Consider Your Backgrounds.

One of the difficulties of weddings is that there are frequently people going everywhere– including the backgrounds of your shots. Especially with the formal shots scope out the location where they’ll be taken ahead of time searching for good backgrounds. Preferably you’ll be desiring uncluttered areas and shaded spots out of direct sunshine where there’s not likely to be a roaming excellent aunt wander into the back of the shot. Read more on getting backgrounds right.

15. Do not Discard Your ‘Mistakes’.

The temptation with digital is to check images as you go and to erase those that do not work right away. The problem with this is that you might simply be getting rid of some of the more fascinating and useable images. Keep in mind that images can be cropped or controlled later on to give you some more arty/abstract looking shots that can add real interest to the end album.

Wedding Photography picture.16. Modification Your Point of view.

Get a little creative with your shots. While most of the images in the end album will probably be relatively ‘normal’ or official poses– ensure you blend things up a little by taking shots from down low, up high, at broad angles etc.

17. Wedding Group Shots.

One thing that I have actually done at every wedding that I’ve photographed is effort to photo everyone who is in attendance in the one shot. The method I have actually done this is to schedule a place that I can get up high above everybody directly after the ceremony. This might indicate getting high ladder, using a veranda or perhaps getting on a roof. The charm of getting up high is that you get everybody’s face in it and can fit a great deal of people in the one shot. The key is to be able to get everyone to the location you want them to stand rapidly and to be prepared to get the shot without having everyone loaf for too long. I discovered the very best method to get everyone to the area is to get the bride and groom there and to have a couple of helpers to herd everyone in that instructions. Learn more on how to take Group Photos.

18. Fill Flash.
When shooting outside after a ceremony or during the postured shots you’ll probably wish to keep your flash attached to give a little fill in flash. I tend to dial it back a little (a stop or more) so that shots are not burnt out– however especially in backlit or midday shooting conditions where there can be a great deal of shadow, fill in flash is a must. Read more about using Fill Flash.

19. Constant Shooting Mode.
Having the ability to shoot a great deal of images quickly is very convenient on a wedding so change your cam to constant shooting mode and utilize it. Sometimes it’s the shot you take a second after the formal or presented shot when everyone is unwinding that actually records the moment!

Wedding Photography Rain.
20. Expect the Unexpected.
Another piece of recommendations that somebody offered me on my own big day. ‘Things will Fail– However They Can be the very best Parts of the Day’. In every wedding that I have actually taken part in something tends to go wrong with the day. The best male can’t discover the ring, the rain puts down just as the event ends, the groom forgets to do up his fly, the flower girl decides to sit down in the middle of the aisle or the bride-to-be can’t remember her promises … These minutes can feel a little panicky at the time– but it’s these minutes that can really make a day and provide the couple memories. Try to record them and you might wind up with some enjoyable images that summarize the day actually well.

I still remember the first wedding event I photographed where the groom and bride car crashed into a Tram en route to the park where we were going to take photos. The bride was in tears, the groom stressed– but after we had actually all relaxed individuals started to see a few of the funny side of the moment and we even took a number of shots prior to driving on to the park. They were among everyone’s favorites.

21. Have a good time.
Weddings are about celebrating– they ought to be enjoyable. The more fun you have as the professional photographer the more relaxed those you are photographing will be. Maybe the best way to loosen up people up is to smile as the photographer (caution: I always get home from photographing wedding events with sore jaws and cheeks because of my smiling technique).

Want More Wedding Event Photography Tips?

This time we’re here to share with you some of our best wedding photography suggestions.

For many years we have shot numerous weddings and Smart has been an excellent platform for us to share our knowledge with others.

The objective of this blog post is to provide you with ideas to think about when shooting a wedding. We don’t anticipate you to take these suggestions as gospel and constantly encourage you to discover your own way.

We also understand that some of these wedding event photography ideas won’t always pertain to your style.

Nevertheless, we hope we have actually covered enough topics that you will take something beneficial into your next wedding.

In addition, if you haven’t yet shot your very first wedding event you could constantly sign up to our photography course as we have a devoted wedding photography module.

Anyhow enough with the chit chat.

The whole factor you’re here is to get some excellent wedding event photography ideas and techniques.

So let’s dive right in!

A guide to the Top Tips and Tricks to enhance your wedding photography.
As a wedding photographer, you will have to handle a variety of various types of photography.

‘ Wedding event professional photographer’ is really short for a documentary, picture, landscape, still life and family professional photographer (it isn’t however it need to be!).

A wedding can be a demanding day for both the photographer and the couple being photographed but it doesn’t have to be that way.


With this in mind, we hope our wedding event photography tricks can go some method to relieving any stresses you have about shooting a wedding event.

Wedding event photography can be extremely rewarding particularly if you have pleased couples.

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer


Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Indeed, a wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors you need to have for your big day. No matter what others say, a wedding photographer is a must. With one, you can expect professional looking photos that you can proudly show to your friends, family, and colleagues. And, you can expect every moment of your wedding is creatively captured and turned into beautiful images that last forever. 

However, in today’s time, there are just too many “photographers” in town. So, it can be difficult to choose who to hire for your wedding. So, we’ve come up with some tips on how to choose the RIGHT photographer for your big day. 

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer?

  • Decide on a Style

Settling on a photography style can lead you to the photographer you are looking for. So, together with your partner, ask yourselves what type of photos you want to have. Do you wish to have posed shots for your wedding day? Or, do you prefer candid photos that fully captures the emotions of each moment?

The style you choose can also affect the mood of your wedding day. Do you want a photographer who’s in control and directing you and your guests how to do your poses? Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable with a photographer who takes images unnoticed?

  • Do Your Homework

Make sure that you take the time to search for reviews from recent newlyweds and go through local listings. Once you’ve selected a few of your potential photographers, be sure to browse their website and blogs. And, check out the photos they’ve shot. Doing so will give you an idea of their style and it will help you narrow down your choices. 

Also, include checking out their branding, portfolio, and social media accounts. Then, reach out and communicate with them. Send an email, call, or meet with them to see how they interact with their clients. Remember, the vibe you get from your photographer is as important as their skill. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable at your wedding, don’t you?

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer
  • Compare Packages

Their package is a great factor to consider when choosing your photographer. How will they deliver your photos and what is included in their package? You must ask these questions upfront. Find out everything you can about their standard package and ask about the basic range for anything you think you might need but is not included. For instance, additional coverage or special effects. With this, you can easily compare rates and finally make your decision.

Most wedding packages include 6 to 12 hours of coverage, more than 350 professionally edited images, and a turnover of photos using a USB device. Some also offer a final slideshow which will be delivered to you digitally and a photo album. To make this easier for you, figure out what you need from your photographer and find the package that best fits you.

  • Ask About Post-Production and Final Turnover

Another thing to consider when hiring your photographer is their turnover period or the amount of time you have to wait for your final photos. Usually, it takes AT LEAST a month to get them from your photographer. 

Now, before you say that’s too long, think about the number of photos we’re talking about here. You may be promised a total of more than 350 photos but the reality is, there were probably a thousand photos taken during your big day. So, this means, your photographer will look through a thousand photos and choose the best ones. On top of that, he will edit each one depending on your taste and preference. Not to mention that these photos are raw – meaning, they are bigger than JPG. As a result, these photos will take longer to upload, process, and edit. 

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Aside from asking their expected date of turning over all your photos, also ask about how many images you can expect and whether they will be in low or high resolution. Ask whether you have full rights to your images as well and if they offer retouching options and special effects – if needed. Finally, ask whether they have additional charges for such.

Wedding Photographer No-No’s

Never get a relative or a friend to be your wedding photographer. Sure, free always sounds good. But, the output isn’t all that well. Will you put that much pressure and responsibility on a person who probably never covered a wedding in their life before? Don’t take the risk and be comfortable and confident with a professional behind the lens. This way, you can make sure that there are no missed moments and wasted opportunities for a great shot. 

5 Steps to Find the Best Wedding Style

Finding Your Wedding Style

Finding Your Wedding Style

Are you the type of couple who have always dreamt of having a wedding at the beach? Or are you more traditional and wanting to remake your parents’ big day? Nowadays, with the many choices in a venue, huge ranges of rental options, and endless inspirations, choosing the right wedding style for both of you may seem such a big challenge. However, it is the first step to planning the wedding of your dreams! Plus, it’s not exactly that difficult!

Finding the perfect style is the easiest way to planning your weddings. By sticking to a particular style, you are able to make your wedding more unified and give it your personality. More importantly, instead of browsing through limitless themes, colors, and styles for each element of your wedding, you can cut this down and make a decision faster. So, before you start looking for a band, attend food tasting, or start trying out dresses, it’s important that you find your wedding style first.

Popular Wedding Styles

  • Classic or Traditional Wedding - This is usually a formal occasion that includes marrying in a church with the bride wearing a classic styled white wedding dress and a black tuxedo for the groom. In addition, there’s a formal celebration right after the ceremony that often comprises a three-course dinner.
  • Contemporary Elegance - This wedding style has the foundations of a class wedding but with a twist. This contemporary twist may include a modern design choice in the venue or opting to go with a non-traditional dress. It will also mean having modern takes on flowers, decors, and invitations.
  • Rustic Wedding - Here’s a wedding inspired by the simplicity of the country life and giving reference to the outdoors. It incorporates rustic elements like metal, timber, and natural flowers and bouquets.
  • Beach Wedding - At a beach wedding, guests can feel more relaxed and they are not required to wear formal clothing. It is also common for the bride to wear sandals or even no shoes at all.
Finding Your Wedding Style
  • Bohemian - This style of weddings has a relaxed and elegant vibe. It usually uses the element of nature where the ceremony can be held outside or greenery. And, if held indoors, it will incorporate floral decorations.

Now, there are lots more wedding styles to choose from and these are only the more popular ones. Eventually, you will find the right wedding style that matches you and your partner’s personalities – only if you follow these next 5 steps!

Steps to Find the Best Wedding Style

1. Dig Deep and Think Big

The first thing you should do is picture your dream wedding. Don’t think about how it will all come together, how much it will cost you, or what others may think. Just dig deep and picture it in your head. What do you see? Do you see everyone you know there? Or do you prefer only your closest friends and relatives? Do you want it held outdoors, indoors, or maybe at home? When do you plan to have your wedding – spring, summer, winter or fall? Do you want it to be modern, vintage, rustic, classic, or go full-on glam?​

2. Think of the Formality

Do you want a fancy wedding or a laid-back vibe? Do you want to see your guests in formal attire at dinner or do you prefer a more casual event with informal seating? Whichever formality you decide now will affect all the other aspects of your wedding. from invitation, food, to your party favors.

3. Be more specific with your vision

You then need to narrow in your style and be more specific with the things you want in your wedding. This will make it easier for you to get in on the details and convey your ideas. So, visualize your dream wedding again and choose a theme. It can be anything you want, from your favorite hobby, era, or perhaps a place that is related to your culture or heritage.

Finding Your Wedding Style

Now, to help shape your wedding style, think of interesting things you have in common with your soon-to-be husband/wife. Just don’t try putting ideas together as this will only look confusing. It is best to compromise on a single concept and stick to it.

4. Choose a color

Your choice of color will be the unifying element in your wedding. It’s the one thing that puts everything together. And, the easiest way to choose a color is to stick to the main color and select an accent color. However, you don’t need to limit yourself with two colors. You can add neutrals or metallic accents to make it livelier.

5. Don’t forget the mood

Your theme does more than just change the look of your wedding as it also sets its tone. A beach wedding gives your guests a relaxed party vibe, encouraging them to kick off their shoes and maybe enjoy a bottle of beer. On the other hand, a formal wedding at a ballroom will attract your friends and family to have fun and dance the night away. Whatever style you choose, as long as it is based on your personalities or passion, you can guarantee a truly special wedding that all your guests can enjoy.

Also, to immortalize every aspect of your wedding, make sure to capture it all with the help of professional photographers! It will be such a waste if you’ve already invested in so much to make your wedding dream into a reality and not have something to remember it by!

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?


What is a Wedding Planner?

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

A wedding planner is an extremely helpful person that you can rely on your wedding. She’s a go-to person to help you and your soon-to-be partner, making things easier and more convenient for you both. She handles all – and we mean every aspect of your wedding, from the little things down to the major details.

Wedding planners are responsible for putting all the elements together to pull off the wedding of your dreams. This covers the planning stage from the very beginning until your big day itself, sometimes even on planning your honeymoon! This is why hiring a wedding planner seems a  lot… well, because they do a lot as well! However, it’s understandable that not all couples instantly go for hiring one, especially when having budget constraints.

And, if you are trying to figure out whether you need a wedding planner or not, or whether you can do the things she can or not, then let us help you out! We’ll give you a list of things a wedding planner does and you decide at the end if you are willing to invest in hiring for help or simply put that money elsewhere.

What is a Wedding Planner?

  • Help set you and your partner up with a realistic budget for your wedding. And, makes sure you stay within it. She can also help you decide on the wedding elements that you really need or you can simply take off your list, fewer things to pay!
  • Based on your budget, vision, and wedding size, she will show you the best locations in the area for your reception.​
  • Create a master plan covering all the details of your wedding, from your song in the ceremony to party favors you’d give to your guests.​
What is a Wedding Planner?
  • Find you the best photographers in town and whose services are fit within your budget. She will see whether or not they are what you are looking for, look at their portfolio and communicate on your behalf. Do they give out a physical wedding photo album or are they going to and out digital copies? They will also ask for a quotation and if everything looks great, she will schedule you to meet your potential photographers. Now, imagine this for all your vendors - florist, caterers, bands, DJs, etc.
  • A planner will also bring you lots of discounts. As a seasoned wedding planner, she already has favored vendors that she often recommends to a couple. And, since they are familiar with each other, you can expect lower prices or even extra services without charge.​​
What is a Wedding Planner?
  • Handles formalities such as contracts and negotiations, making sure everything is right and is of your best interest.
  • Creates a timeline and informs everyone involved, such as your vendors, friends, family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. what to do and when they should do it. She makes sure you are following the timeline too.
  • Handles your invitations, helps in its wordings and design, order it, and sends them to your guests. She also keeps track of your RSVPs.
  • Provides you with advice and guidance on what design best matches your vision and what’s hot in the wedding scene.
  • Communicates with your friends, guests, and family members, and inform them of your desires or requests - only if you can’t do it on your own.
  • Manage your big day, talking to your vendors and making sure they make their deliveries on time and set up early. She also oversees everything and if an issue or emergency arises, she will be the first person on it. She will also help soothe you if you’re feeling a little off.
  • Helps you plan and book your flight, because hey, why stop now, right?

Do You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Indeed, a planner does carry a lot of responsibilities at a wedding. With one, you can be at ease and simply relax, knowing you have a remarkable person trying to make your dream wedding into a reality.

Now, the big question is if you need one. We can’t answer this for you. You have to see for yourself if you are capable of doing all these things. 

Do you think you can handle all these wedding planner tasks? For others, between keeping social relationships and a full-time day job, this is impossible. However, for some, they can do it. So, it really all boils down to you!

Just remember, that planning your wedding shouldn’t stress you out too much because then you won’t have time to enjoy its moments.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning for a wedding is certainly a thrilling experience. You get to wear a dress or a suit, be glammed up, spend time with your friends and family, and most of all… officially tie the knot with the person you love. However, (while you’ve heard it all before) planning a wedding is never easy. There are lots of things to cover before the actual day. And, between working a full-time job, managing your relationship, meeting with your friends, and spending time with your family, will you really have enough time to plan a wedding?

Make Things Easier!

So, make things easier for you and partner and simply hire a wedding planner. However, we understand that it’s not easy to spend so much for a planner especially when you’re already trying hard to stay within your budget. But, we also know that hiring one is extremely worth it. In fact, a wedding planner can actually save you a lot of money in the end! Here are other reasons why you should hire a professional wedding planner for your big day.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional

1. Lessens Your Responsibilities

A wedding planner can help lessen your responsibilities. Or, better yet, she can handle all the tasks in wedding planning, from meeting vendors and booking them, to choosing the right decor. You no longer need to face those time-consuming responsibilities and have someone to schedule your appointments, deal with your vendors, and work through all the issues of your wedding.

2. Enjoy the Process Without the Stress

If thinking about planning the wedding already stresses you out, you definitely need a wedding planner. There are a lot of details to consider to make a wedding a success. And, there’s even a sort of “deadline” to follow. But, if you’re not up to face them all, having someone to do it for you will take off a huge weight on you and your partner.

With a wedding planner, you can spend your time having fun at wedding showers, bonding with your bridesmaids, and relaxing at the spa. You can stay stress-free and not worry about last minute changes or details, especially as your wedding day gets closer. All you really need to do when you hire a planner is enjoy the process… because you deserve it!

3. You Can Get Vendor Discounts

Wedding planners can get you the most for your money. Usually, planners transact with the same vendors every time they are hired for a wedding. And, since they have a “repeat business” relationship, vendors tend to offer them lower rates – which is really good for you because you won’t have to pay more than you need to! To make it even better, because they have worked several times with the same vendor, you can guarantee that you’re working with reliable people.

4. You Can Manage Your Budget and Schedule Better 

Most couples have a strict budget and timeline that they follow. A planner can keep you on schedule and ensure that you can accomplish everything from your to-list in a timely manner. Moreover, he/she can stretch out your budget and tell you what’s more important and what has more impact. Your planner can also help you determine which items you can cut out from your budget to make sure you get the things that you really want.

5. You Can Save Time

With a wedding planner, you can save time looking through Google search results on the “Best Wedding Photographers in New York” or on “Where to Order my Wedding Cake”. Since she frequently communicates with caterers around town, DJs, hair stylists, make up artists, designers, and florists, she can recommend you the best vendors for your particular need. She can set you up with a great photographer who she knows can handle weddings better than anyone. And, because she is already familiar with them, it is easier to relay your requests or the must-have shots you feel a photographer shouldn’t miss.

6. Communicate with your Vendor Better 

Booking a vendor’s services comes with numerous paperwork and contracts. But, with a planner, you don’t have to worry about this… or anything regarding your transaction. Because, your planner will be the one to read and understand these, and she will also be the one to communicate with your vendors, making sure that any potential issue is dealt with.

7. Be Open to New Ideas

If you’re like many other bride-to-be’s, your first instinct for planning your wedding might be strolling through Pinterest or checking out the latest bridal magazines. These are common ways of finding inspiration – however, they are not fresh or new. With a planner, you can save time and be open to more new ideas for your big day. She will share with you original and creative ideas that you can’t normally find online.

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

8. Planners Have the Answer for Everything 

Where should you put your aunt Linda, your dad’s sister who has a decade-long rift with your mom, but who you’re kind of close with? What should you do when your mom doesn’t agree to the bridal shower details your mother-in-law suggested? When should you send your invites? What centerpiece goes well with your table? With a seasoned planner, you will have all the answers to your questions. And, this is because she has already seen it all and heard it all, allowing her to guide you through any situation or issue that may arise during your wedding preparations.

9. Achieve Your Wedding Vision 

Your wedding planner will make sure that your vision or your “dream” wedding will come true. And, this is because she will focus just on you. For vendors, they have several weddings to attend to for each day. But, a planner only has you and your big day to focus on. So, you can expect that she will make sure everything is as you envisioned it to be.

10. Have Big Assistance During the Wedding Day Itself 

On your big day, you can rest easy knowing you have a someone taking command of everything, from the venue, decor, and vendors. Also, as you’re getting ready, you won’t have to worry about coordinating logistics and making sure everything runs smoothly. Also, if issues arise during the ceremony or reception, your planner will be the first one on it. All you have to do is enjoy your special day!

6 Secrets on How to Hire a Westchester Wedding Photographer


So, you’ve picked a date, booked your dream wedding venue and organized every little detail. Now it’s time to think about capturing those unique and beautiful moments during your wedding. This implies you need a skilled and competent and affordable wedding photographer to carry you through the day.

Right from planning to actual shooting, editing, and delivery of your photos, there are several things a wedding photographer does to make your event colorful and vibrant. Therefore, apart from just having an impressive camera, there are other critical things to consider before hiring a professional wedding photographer in Westchester, New York. 6 little-known secrets on how to hire a professional wedding photographer in Westchester

1. Spy on their portfolio

It takes a serious explanation to enable your wedding planner to understand what you really need. A photo book is like a narration of a beautiful wedding story. The way in which your photographer views your wedding can vary significantly. Their shooting techniques right from the time you get ready for the day to that time of shooting portraits and other detailed scenes can also vary. Your wedding photographer might be specialized in bounce flash, natural light or off-camera light. Specialization can bring the whole difference in the quality of photos delivered. Therefore, apart from checking their framing, equipment, and camera, be sure to check their portfolio or gallery for ideas about their styling and décor.

2. Creativity means personalization

Creativity is a crucial trait for any photographer. A skilled and brilliant Westchester photographer will imagine a pose, layout or shot in mind before it happens. As a couple, you need stunning, magical and timeless pictures. A creative photographer would never copy the styles of others. Such a photographer is ideal if you want something original and not just someone who can re-create the work of others.

3. Happy clients is a sure backup

A glowing referral from a relative or friend is a great resource when evaluating a Westchester wedding planner and photographer. Whether or not his pictures match the expectations of clients is one thing that can tell a lot about a photographer. A photographer who can incorporate some fun but still make your photos fit your style can mean a lot. Remember that even the slightest moments matter during such a special day and capturing them is critical.

4. Plan for the weather too

Regardless of how meticulous you might plan for your big day, consider the worst case scenarios as well. Quality light is a prerequisite that contributes to awesome photos. But again, weather can be unpredictable, and this can affect your wedding photography. How well a wedding photographer is planned about the weather can determine your day’s success. Whether it rains or the wedding runs late, your photographer should be adequately prepared. This is why it is paramount to ensure that the Westchester wedding planner and photographer you hire is both confident and capable of shooting in all the conditions and scenes of your wedding day.

5. Is he alone or with a team Wedding photographers

Apart from actual shooting, there are the editorial and artistic aspects. A photographer with a specialized and organized editorial team a creative team can add a lot of impact on your pictures from good to great. You need incredibly shareable pictures that can stand the test of time. These are pictures that not only showcase your real moments but depicts professionalism.

6. A pre-wedding or test shoot can improve your confidence

A test shoot before actual wedding day can determine how comfortable you’ll be with your Westchester photographer. If possible, book a pre-wedding shot. This can enable your photographer to understand your style and personality better. It also helps you stay relaxed and be in the moment every time you pose in front of a camera. As couples, you want to see the real you in those photos. But at the same time, you cannot hire a fashion photographer to capture a fun-filled or hometown wedding event. A test shot can help you know what to expect on your day.

Bottom Line A wedding is a one-time life event.

Once gone, the moments of this big day can only be retrieved great wedding photographs. Whether you love fine art, fashion, illustrative or photojournalistic wedding photography, then the above are the secrets on how to hire a good wedding photographer in Westchester.