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4 Important Details You Might Forget During Your Wedding Planning

So, you have finally confirmed all vendor arrangements and whatnots in the few days leading up to your wedding. But you may forget these four important details that tend to get overlooked by most couples during the flurry of last-minute wedding preparations.8046


When your guests arrive at the wedding reception venue, they will sign and write their well wishes on a guestbook. Your wedding guestbook is a beautiful keepsake that you will be rereading for the years to come.

 Make a trip to your local bookstore, and then buy a sturdy coffee table book or any creative alternative representing something meaningful to you and your husband. It is best to choose one that comes with acid-free paper. Also, don’t forget to provide pens near the guestbook. Whenever possible, use pens containing acid-free ink so the prints last longer.

Marriage License

Making your marriage “legal” should be a crucial part of your wedding planning. Inquire in the jurisdiction where your wedding ceremony will be held regarding any deadlines and requirements for marriage license application. Special documentation may be required. So, you need to gather the necessary documents well ahead of time. In some cases, blood testing is part of the application process.

Meals for Your Vendors

Within two weeks before the big day, you are expected to provide the final head count to the caterer. That number should include the vendors such as band members or the DJ, photographers, videographers and second shooters, wedding planner, plus all their assistants. Don’t forget to include them because they have helped greatly to make your special day perfect. Caterers normally charge half prices for simple meals to vendors.


Aside from handing out those customary thank-you cards, verbally express your gratitude to the people who took the time out of their busy schedules to share your special day. During the reception, a quick stop at each guest table to thank people will do.

By K. Ong


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