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5 Steps to Find the Best Wedding Style

Finding Your Wedding Style

Finding Your Wedding Style

Are you the type of couple who have always dreamt of having a wedding at the beach? Or are you more traditional and wanting to remake your parents’ big day? Nowadays, with the many choices in a venue, huge ranges of rental options, and endless inspirations, choosing the right wedding style for both of you may seem such a big challenge. However, it is the first step to planning the wedding of your dreams! Plus, it’s not exactly that difficult!

Finding the perfect style is the easiest way to planning your weddings. By sticking to a particular style, you are able to make your wedding more unified and give it your personality. More importantly, instead of browsing through limitless themes, colors, and styles for each element of your wedding, you can cut this down and make a decision faster. So, before you start looking for a band, attend food tasting, or start trying out dresses, it’s important that you find your wedding style first.

Popular Wedding Styles

Finding Your Wedding Style

Now, there are lots more wedding styles to choose from and these are only the more popular ones. Eventually, you will find the right wedding style that matches you and your partner’s personalities – only if you follow these next 5 steps!

Steps to Find the Best Wedding Style

1. Dig Deep and Think Big

The first thing you should do is picture your dream wedding. Don’t think about how it will all come together, how much it will cost you, or what others may think. Just dig deep and picture it in your head. What do you see? Do you see everyone you know there? Or do you prefer only your closest friends and relatives? Do you want it held outdoors, indoors, or maybe at home? When do you plan to have your wedding – spring, summer, winter or fall? Do you want it to be modern, vintage, rustic, classic, or go full-on glam?​

2. Think of the Formality

Do you want a fancy wedding or a laid-back vibe? Do you want to see your guests in formal attire at dinner or do you prefer a more casual event with informal seating? Whichever formality you decide now will affect all the other aspects of your wedding. from invitation, food, to your party favors.

3. Be more specific with your vision

You then need to narrow in your style and be more specific with the things you want in your wedding. This will make it easier for you to get in on the details and convey your ideas. So, visualize your dream wedding again and choose a theme. It can be anything you want, from your favorite hobby, era, or perhaps a place that is related to your culture or heritage.

Finding Your Wedding Style

Now, to help shape your wedding style, think of interesting things you have in common with your soon-to-be husband/wife. Just don’t try putting ideas together as this will only look confusing. It is best to compromise on a single concept and stick to it.

4. Choose a color

Your choice of color will be the unifying element in your wedding. It’s the one thing that puts everything together. And, the easiest way to choose a color is to stick to the main color and select an accent color. However, you don’t need to limit yourself with two colors. You can add neutrals or metallic accents to make it livelier.

5. Don’t forget the mood

Your theme does more than just change the look of your wedding as it also sets its tone. A beach wedding gives your guests a relaxed party vibe, encouraging them to kick off their shoes and maybe enjoy a bottle of beer. On the other hand, a formal wedding at a ballroom will attract your friends and family to have fun and dance the night away. Whatever style you choose, as long as it is based on your personalities or passion, you can guarantee a truly special wedding that all your guests can enjoy.

Also, to immortalize every aspect of your wedding, make sure to capture it all with the help of professional photographers! It will be such a waste if you’ve already invested in so much to make your wedding dream into a reality and not have something to remember it by!