A Very Intimate Wedding

This charming couple was all smiles when they tied the knot after loving each another for so long! Louisa and Steve celebrated their wedding in their home, with their closest family, friends and adorable dogs. We love how happy these two lovebirds look!

Conroy_Dial_Jen_Yuson_Photography_0177_lowHow did you meet? We met at church: when I moved home from DC I secretly admired the handsome man who was so involved in church life and was such a good father to his sons. He thought I was a young officer’s wife and was envious of a man who didn’t exist. Luckily, our friend, who was in charge of lay servers, noticed the mutual interest, so he scheduled us both to serve on Good Friday, but the schedule we got put us there two hours after everyone else and alone. The rest, as they say, is history.

TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0515 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0516 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0517Why after 9 years, did you choose to marry? We always knew we wanted to marry, but were waiting for everything to be ready – but then his aunt died and I spent several weeks working in the ICU, and we realized that life’s too short to put off what we wanted any longer (plus, by that time, our priest had gotten permission from our Bishop) TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0518 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0519 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0520What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day? Probably when our priest accidentally started down the “who gives these persons…” part of the ceremony, which we had intentionally left out, we both started laughing (as did my Dad, everyone knows how I hate reducing a person to an object), and nearly shouted “we do!”. Either that, or when we got the the hotel and realized that Steve didn’t have his suitcase for our honeymoon. TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0521 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0522 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0523 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0524 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0525 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0526 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0527 TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner_0528Photography: Jen Yuson Photography | Venue: St. John in the Wilderness Episcopal | Dress: BHLDN | Flowers: Fifty Flowers | Veils & Headpieces: Jas Favor | Heirlooms & Extras: ScotClans | Jewelry: Shop Vintage Villager

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