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I think Cali photographers are the luckiest. It’s no secret that I love California and that beautiful warm sunlight light. Add a cute couple, an old truck and a tepee to Two Sister’s Farms, and you have the sweetest e-session ever. Be sure to read this couple’s story. The Westchester Wedding Planner_2345How they met (written by the couple) Once upon a time, there was a nerdy science professor (Emily) who was on Spring Break from teaching. Her amazingly talented, line-dancing fool of a friend (Erica) invited her out to The Ranch for a night of good old fashion country fun. Emily agreed and off they went…

Across the crowded 405 interstate, a young cowboy (Roger) received a text from his buddies. They wanted to go out to The Ranch. He was tired and just wanted to stay in. But then he though, “No. It’s those nights you want to stay home when something amazing happens…” So he agreed to join his fellow country crowners for a night of letting footloose…

While at the Ranch, Emily noticed a very handsome man walk through the door. Reminiscent of the crowded dance floor that separated Shakespeare most famous couple, it was a crowded dance floor that separated them. Emily, no doubt had a glazed, star-struck look come across her face. This was made painfully evident by the laughter coming from Erica. “What’s wrong with you?” Erica asked. Emily responded “That guy over there is REALLY cute!” “Oh, I know his friend Taylor. Do you want me to introduce you?” Emily jumped back in terror. “What?! No. No way. This is girl’s night. I’m here with you. I’m not here to meet some boy. It’s fine. Really.” “Ok. If you’re sure…” As Roger walked through the door of The Ranch, he expected it to be just like every other Thursday night. He was tired and wanted to be well rested for his big corporate presentation in the morning. As he looked over the dance floor, he saw an unfamiliar face…and she was beautiful. “I HAVE to dance with her tonight!” he thought to himself. “But when do I make my move…”A few songs later, Erica was becoming restless. She wanted to dance to her jam, but the DJ hadn’t played it yet. “Emily, come with me to request a song. I don’t want to go over there by myself.” Erica pleaded. “Sure” Emily replied. As they walked towards the DJ, Emily noticed the cute guy she saw earlier was now standing with his friends near the DJ booth. “Oh no!” Emily exclaimed in silence. “Erica wouldn’t introduce me to him after I told her not to…right?” Wrong. As the girls drew closer to this handsome group of guys, Erica noticed that they were having a discussion about a popular TV series, How I Met Your Mother. “Wait!”, she stopped herself and Emily right next to this circle of men, “Are you guys talking about How I Met Your Mother?” “Yes.” one of the men responded, “Do you girls watch that show?” Erica replied “We LOVE that show!…Have you met Emily?” and she walked away, leaving Emily mortified and frozen stiff with embarrassment, standing directly in front of Roger. Roger, however, was not laughing. He was staring at the beautiful girl in the star-dyed shorts. A two-step was starting. He realized that this was his moment. If he was ever going to get his chance to dance with this girl, it was now. Roger tried to think of a line that would sweep this girl off her feet. But as he held out his hand, the only thing he could think to say was “Would you like to dance?” With a timid smile, Emily answered “Sure.” Hand in hand, Emily and Roger stepped onto the dance floor for the last first dance of the rest of their lives…

The Proposal (written by the couple) It would be five parts. Five places. A scavenger hunt. Roger would send Emily on an adventure that would end in the greatest of surprises…Emily woke up Saturday morning ready for the day. She and Roger had invited a group of their close friends over for dinner and game night. Roger had recently bought a house, and Emily had just finished moving into her new apartment down the street from him. Aliso Viejo was not exactly on the way to all of their friends in Costa Mesa and Huntington, so they were excited to invite them down to their neck of the woods.

Around 11:45am, Roger texted Emily “I hope you’re ready for a surprise! We’re going somewhere special, so get ready as soon as you can and meet me downstairs.” WHAT?! Emily flew into high gear. In record time, she was ready. She called Roger to see if he was downstairs, “Just come out onto the front porch.” With that he hung up the phone. Emily, perplexed, walked out onto her front porch ready to rip Roger a new one for hanging up on her like he did. Instead, what she found was a bouquet of red roses and a letter taped to the gate with the #6 on it. It said, “I hope you’re ready for an impromptu date! I will meet you at the house.” She was more intrigued now than angry. She was excited to see what kind of elaborate date Roger had planned for them. When she got to his house, there was another letter. Taped to the door was an envelope with the #5 on it. She opened the letter and read “Welcome to your future home! This is where we will start our lives together. But before we do that, I want to take you on a trip. Buckle up cause here we go. I will meet you where we first met.” She couldn’t believe that he wanted her to drive from Aliso Viejo to Anaheim at 1pm on a Saturday…by herself! But his surprises were always amazing, so it would probably be worth the drive. On the way to Anaheim, Emily thought about the last letter. It wasn’t anything new to hear Roger call his home, “there” home. But would he propose? No. They were having their friends over later. As she pulled into the parking lot of The Ranch, she noticed she was the only car in the parking lot. It wasn’t even open yet. She walked up to the front door to find yet another letter. This one was taped to the large wooden door with #4 written on it. It read “Asking you to dance was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was just the beginning, and so is this. I will meet you where we went on our first date.” Their first date was back down in Irvine. Off to the Great Park with the big hot air balloon that she remembered being so terrifying and so mystified at the same time. She remembered how she was so afraid of heights; she wanted to crawl into a ball until she was back on the ground. But Roger, so sweetly put his arm around her and held her upright. Just long enough for her to see the lights of the city skyline. As she looked at the glittering beauty beneath her and Roger’s strong arm around her, she realized she wasn’t afraid anymore. Emily found the next letter tapped to a sign with her name on it. She opened envelope #3 and read “I know you were terrified, but this was the best first date of my life. Every day since then has been a blessing.”

Her next stop was the park near their homes in Aliso. She found letter #2 taped to a tree in the middle of the park. As she looked around, she remembered the last time she was there. After house hunting all over Aliso Viejo, she and Roger had found this park not far from where they now lived. It was in that park that they had their first kiss. As she opened the letter, she read “Our first kiss was worth the wait! And so is what comes next…” What was next?! Her final stop was Top of the World Park in Laguna Beach. By the time she finally got to Top of the World, she was exhausted. She had driven for 2 hours and been all over Orange County. She saw Roger standing with the view of the sun setting in the ocean behind him. As she walked up to him, asking more and more questions as she approached, he held out a final envelope with #1 written on it. “Open it.” he said, his face giving nothing away. She opened the letter to read “I love you, but before we get to the always and forever, I have a question for you…” She looked up to see Roger down on one knee with a black box in his hands. He then asked the most life altering question that any woman can be asked “Will you marry me?” Her answer to the question is the reason you’re reading this…Of course, she said YES!The Westchester Wedding Planner_2346 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2348The Westchester Wedding Planner_2350 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2351 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2352The Westchester Wedding Planner_2353 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2354 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2355 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2356The Westchester Wedding Planner_2372The Westchester Wedding Planner_2357 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2358 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2359 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2361 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2362The Westchester Wedding Planner_2364 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2365 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2366 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2367 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2368 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2369 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2370 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2371Photography by Kristin Burrows Photography


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