Chic Mountain Wedding by Pepper Nix Photography

Spending weekends in the Catskill Mountains hiking with good friends and enjoying the beauty of nature are memories I will never forget. So, it’s no surprise that this wedding in the mountains of Utah brings up some of those same outdoorsy feelings from years ago. Beautiful scenery, elegance, chic and casual, this wedding has it all. It’s the perfect combination for a super memorable day. The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4751Did you do a First Look before the ceremony? If you did or if you didn’t have your groom see you in your dress before your ceremony, what influenced that decision and how do you feel about it now that the wedding is over? -we did do a first look. Mostly, we were influenced by the timing of the ceremony. Given the time of year, we wanted to have the ceremony during the warmest and least windy part of the day on the ranch that was 4 PM. This didn’t give us much time for pictures prior to the reception.  We wanted to make time  for family photos and make sure that our time together for photos was not rushed. I love the picture of him when he saw me in my dress for the first time. I have never felt more beautiful.

Describe your wedding flowers: We went with a wildflower look to fit the setting. We had some aspen logs that were carved out and used as planters to fill with an assortment of colorful flowers and then shepherds hooks to hold flowers to line the aisle. Our tables were an assortment of wooden ranch tables of different shapes and sizes with burlap runners and vintage bottles of wildflowers scattered about. Table numbers were made of moss. The napkins were cornflower blue bandanas.

What is your very best advice to other mountain brides? Consider the setting when choosing attire for your wedding party and guests. The weather changes quickly and the ground can be uneven and difficult to traverse in heels. Also, a train will be filthy by the end of the day.The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4738 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4740 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4743 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4741The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4749 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4752 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4756 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4757 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4759 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4761 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4764 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4765 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4767 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4768 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4769The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4775The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4776The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4779The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4781The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4782The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4785The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4784The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4789The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4790The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4791The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4798The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4805The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4808The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4809The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4810Photographer:  Pepper Nix Photography | Caterer: Done To Your Taste Catering and Events  Other Location: Aspen Meadows | Cake Designer: Carrie’s Cakes | Caterer: Done To Your Taste Catering | Hair Stylist:Ooh La La Studio | Floral Designer: Silver Cricket Floral Atelier | Dress Designer: Wtoo | Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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  1. Beautiful post!!! Thank you for sharing my work so that other brides can get inspired!! XOXO!!


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