Engagement Session in the Snow

Don’t get me wrong, I do love all the themed engagements sessions that come through our office, but this simple and easy shoot by Tiffany J Photography is all about these lovebirds… nothing else. Just perfect for them.The Westchester Wedding Planner, engagement sessionTheir Story:  “Jamie had been in a car accident and needed physical therapy. She started seeing a therapist at VERT Sports Therapy in Santa Monica.  Her first interaction with Andy, one of the clinic’s owners, was when he reprimanded her for having her shoes on the treatment table… not necessarily a good start to the relationship.  After some time, her therapist asked Andy for a consult because Jamie’s case was fairly complicated.  Not long after that, even with Jamie’s objections about switching therapists, her therapist transferred Jamie’s care over to Andy.  Over time, Jamie warmed to Andy and they became friends.

But they each had their issues with each other.  Neither thought the other was someone they would date and both had some misgivings about the other.  Jamie thought Andy was looking for a wife.  And Andy thought Jamie was too uptight.  They both joked that each were not in their “demographic” and wrote the other off.  But it was just a matter of time before they realized that they each had been fighting the inevitable.  And when Jamie finished her therapy, Andy finally asked her out.  They fell in love pretty much on the first date, and got engaged by the end of the year, and were married 6 months after that.

Andy scoffed at people when they said, “When you know, you know.”  He believed you need to get to know someone for years, before you know whether or not you want to marry that person.  But with Jamie, he knew after the first date.  And Jamie never thought she would get married, but she planned her wedding in 6 months and loves being a wife.  It’s funny how the right person can get you to see life in such a different light.  And makes you feel safe, so you can let go of the things you clutch on to, out of fear.”
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