Feast at Round Hill Wedding by Todd Laffler

This beautiful wedding at F.E.A.S.T. at Round Hill was sent to us by husband and wife film team GT & Caritza, here’s what they said about it, “We just can’t pick our favorite moment. From the absolutely STUNNING decor, to the amazing words spoken by their officiant, to the gorgeous and absolutely in love couple and all of the emotional moments of the day, this is the kind of wedding that reminds us of why we do what we do! It truly makes us feel like the luckiest people on that planet!”The Westchester Wedding Planner_1802What was your wedding planning process like? We knew from the beginning that wedding planning is a lot of work, you certainly hear that everywhere, and it was but getting started early was the key for us. We had our venue and florist picked out a year beforehand, and then the photographer, cinematographer, music, and officiant picked out about ten months ahead of time. But we soon learned that all of the time and research spent picking those out would not compare to the rest of the work that had to be done! We planned the wedding ourselves and because of that, had to put in countless hours of researching and trying things, but it was worth it to truly create the wedding of our dreams!

Do you have any advice for the bride-to-be? Our advice for other couples is to start early and to communicate well. Once you both agree on a vision and concept, it’s much easier to make progress together and independently. It also helps to set aside specific ‘wedding time’ so that at home you are not nagging the other person on their opinions of bridesmaid dress colors. It is nice to have non-wedding time and dedicated wedding time. This also applies for work, if you are doing some wedding planning at work, make sure you give your full attention to work when necessary but also allow yourself time to dive in and commit to some wedding planning (only if your work schedule allows this of course!).

What surprised you most during the planning process?? I think we were most surprised, throughout everything, about how understanding and forgiving our families were. We were expecting some obstacles or differences in opinions, and that was there, but ultimately the wedding is about celebrating our love with those that we cherish. It’s not about doing something the right way, and we were happily surprised that our parents were understanding and just wanted to be a part of the wedding process, even if we did things differently. Even if someone seems to be controlling you or doesn’t agree, try to see that those little things don’t matter, or that they won’t attend your wedding because you are doing something ‘wrong.” Give them understanding, and they will give it back. Figure out what matters: do they just want to be involved and are asserting themselves in an unhelpful way? Then find something that they can contribute. Are they dictating that a certain passage must be read during the ceremony? Find out what it is about that passage that means a lot to them and compromise about whether it can be shortened or whether it could be spoken during a speech at your reception instead. Are they trying to invite too many of their friends who you don’t even know, when you have a guest number limit? Stay strong and just say no. The Westchester Wedding Planner_1749 The Westchester Wedding Planner_1751The Westchester Wedding Planner_1756The Westchester Wedding Planner_1745The Westchester Wedding Planner_1754The Westchester Wedding Planner_1753The Westchester Wedding Planner_1748The Westchester Wedding Planner_1752The Westchester Wedding Planner_1747The Westchester Wedding Planner_1760The Westchester Wedding Planner_1761The Westchester Wedding Planner_1762The Westchester Wedding Planner_1765The Westchester Wedding Planner_1768The Westchester Wedding Planner_1772The Westchester Wedding Planner_1774The Westchester Wedding Planner_1773The Westchester Wedding Planner_1777The Westchester Wedding Planner_1779The Westchester Wedding Planner_1782The Westchester Wedding Planner_1783The Westchester Wedding Planner_1784The Westchester Wedding Planner_1785The Westchester Wedding Planner_1786The Westchester Wedding Planner_1788The Westchester Wedding Planner_1789The Westchester Wedding Planner_1790The Westchester Wedding Planner_1792The Westchester Wedding Planner_1795The Westchester Wedding Planner_1796The Westchester Wedding Planner_1797The Westchester Wedding Planner_1799The Westchester Wedding Planner_1800The Westchester Wedding Planner_1805The Westchester Wedding Planner_1810The Westchester Wedding Planner_1811The Westchester Wedding Planner_1812

Photographer: Todd Laffler | Venue: Feast at Round Hill | Cinematographer: GT Modern Creations | Make-up: Erica Makeup Artist | Priest: Ian Roache | Dress: Lazaro | Flowers: Allow Me Events |  Music: Carol Moore DJ


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