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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Indeed, a wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors you need to have for your big day. No matter what others say, a wedding photographer is a must. With one, you can expect professional looking photos that you can proudly show to your friends, family, and colleagues. And, you can expect every moment of your wedding is creatively captured and turned into beautiful images that last forever. 

However, in today’s time, there are just too many “photographers” in town. So, it can be difficult to choose who to hire for your wedding. So, we’ve come up with some tips on how to choose the RIGHT photographer for your big day. 

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer?

  • Decide on a Style

Settling on a photography style can lead you to the photographer you are looking for. So, together with your partner, ask yourselves what type of photos you want to have. Do you wish to have posed shots for your wedding day? Or, do you prefer candid photos that fully captures the emotions of each moment?

The style you choose can also affect the mood of your wedding day. Do you want a photographer who’s in control and directing you and your guests how to do your poses? Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable with a photographer who takes images unnoticed?

  • Do Your Homework

Make sure that you take the time to search for reviews from recent newlyweds and go through local listings. Once you’ve selected a few of your potential photographers, be sure to browse their website and blogs. And, check out the photos they’ve shot. Doing so will give you an idea of their style and it will help you narrow down your choices. 

Also, include checking out their branding, portfolio, and social media accounts. Then, reach out and communicate with them. Send an email, call, or meet with them to see how they interact with their clients. Remember, the vibe you get from your photographer is as important as their skill. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable at your wedding, don’t you?

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer
  • Compare Packages

Their package is a great factor to consider when choosing your photographer. How will they deliver your photos and what is included in their package? You must ask these questions upfront. Find out everything you can about their standard package and ask about the basic range for anything you think you might need but is not included. For instance, additional coverage or special effects. With this, you can easily compare rates and finally make your decision.

Most wedding packages include 6 to 12 hours of coverage, more than 350 professionally edited images, and a turnover of photos using a USB device. Some also offer a final slideshow which will be delivered to you digitally and a photo album. To make this easier for you, figure out what you need from your photographer and find the package that best fits you.

  • Ask About Post-Production and Final Turnover

Another thing to consider when hiring your photographer is their turnover period or the amount of time you have to wait for your final photos. Usually, it takes AT LEAST a month to get them from your photographer. 

Now, before you say that’s too long, think about the number of photos we’re talking about here. You may be promised a total of more than 350 photos but the reality is, there were probably a thousand photos taken during your big day. So, this means, your photographer will look through a thousand photos and choose the best ones. On top of that, he will edit each one depending on your taste and preference. Not to mention that these photos are raw – meaning, they are bigger than JPG. As a result, these photos will take longer to upload, process, and edit. 

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Aside from asking their expected date of turning over all your photos, also ask about how many images you can expect and whether they will be in low or high resolution. Ask whether you have full rights to your images as well and if they offer retouching options and special effects – if needed. Finally, ask whether they have additional charges for such.

Wedding Photographer No-No’s

Never get a relative or a friend to be your wedding photographer. Sure, free always sounds good. But, the output isn’t all that well. Will you put that much pressure and responsibility on a person who probably never covered a wedding in their life before? Don’t take the risk and be comfortable and confident with a professional behind the lens. This way, you can make sure that there are no missed moments and wasted opportunities for a great shot.