Last-Minute Wedding Dos and Don’ts for the Bride to Be

Your wedding date is drawing near, and you want to make sure everything’s perfect. But wait, aren’t there always some last-minute errands to take care of? Yes, there are last-minute details with every wedding. But fortunately, you don’t have to go into panic mode. Here are some dos and don’ts so you can calmly approach the last days of planning.

Wedding Dos

Do take the advice of wedding professionals. Ask for suggestions from your caterer, photographer, wedding director, and even your beautician! They are there to help you, and can observe your planning methods objectively. They can also remind you of things you might easily forget in the final rush.  Westchester Wedding Planner Dos and Don'ts

Do be thoughtful and considerate of your helpers and wedding party. They work hard to ensure the perfect wedding. Be sure to buy small gifts for all participants to express your gratitude. Also, do ask the photographer about possibly taking photos before the wedding instead of after. This practice is becoming popular because everyone looks better before the wedding, and all make-up and clothing are freshly in place! It also frees you and your party to enjoy the reception to the fullest.

Do get plenty of rest before the big day. Even if you have to politely excuse yourself from gatherings or dinners, take time to relax a while so you won’t be stressed or tired during the wedding.Westchester Wedding Planner Dos and Don'ts

Wedding Don’ts

There are just a few don’ts, but they are very important. Don’t feel obligated to have a big, fancy wedding if you can’t afford it. Keep it simple and focus on the important things. Don’t panic when things seem to go wrong. Take a deep breath and calmly handle problems. Don’t allow yourself to be obsessed with perfection. So, what if something goes wrong? It won’t make you any “less” married, right? And finally, don’t allow family and friends to pressure you. Avoid confrontations by keeping plans to yourself and a select few helpers until the wedding arrives. The more people you involve in your planning ideas, the more “suggestions” you will hear.

Heed these dos and don’ts so you can remain cool, calm, and collect during the biggest event of your life!

by Candice Pardue

Posted on May 27th, by Aida Krgin in Planning, The Westchester Wedding Planner. 1 Comment

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