Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Whether you know exactly what you want in a wedding dress or you haven’t the faintest clue – I have some advice that will help your journey! Promise me, when you’re trying on the dress, you do the following:Isabelle Armstrong, NEW YORK BRIDAL WeekFrom the Spring 2016 Isabelle Armstrong Collection

1. Carve out time during the week to shop!
Avoid the crowds and work with eager salespeople during the work day. You’ll get more attention and feel less stressed when you’re not one of multiple brides being fitted. And heads up – trying on dresses is not a quick event. Prep yourself (and your guests) for at least 3-4 hours of shopping. This helps manage expectations and lowers the anxious energy.

2. When you put on the dress – move around.
That’s right love, if you like the dress, go ahead and sit down, dance around, and walk. You won’t be standing on a podium during the entire wedding and reception – so let’s make sure this beautiful dress works for you.The Westchester Wedding Planner, Sareh Nouri_4209“Dorothy” from Sareh Nouri

3. Take pictures from all angles.
Whoever you bring to help you, ask them to take pictures from all angles. Yes, even the not-so-ideal angles. Again, at your wedding you’ll be in a variety of poses and people will see you from all sides. Having a realistic representation of the dress will help you decide your front runners.

4. Keep it in context.
Are you having a beach wedding? Is your wedding super formal? Does your fiancé hate lace? These tiny details can escape even the most prepared of brides when they put on a dress that looks truly stunning in a dressing room. Then they get home and realize they can’t carry the 20 lb dress around the beach! Imagine your entire wedding and check that the dress works for the ultimate vision.TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner, Anne Barge 2015_0107Blue Willow Collection from Anne Barge

5. Ask questions.
Want clarification on a specific term or concept when shopping? Ask! If the salesperson is throwing different silhouette or color ideas at you and it sounds like a foreign language, kindly ask them to explain. This goes for pricing, alterations, return policies, and the time frame, too. Make sure you’re clear on all the details of the dress and know about the moving parts before putting down any cash.

For a bit of dress inspiration, check these out. I just love them!


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