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With guests flying in from all over the globe, this wedding was just what this beautiful bride and her handsome groom envisioned, a celebration of their love in the presence of the people that are most important in their lives. Family and friends from near and far. The Westchester Wedding Planner, Museum WeddingFrom the photographer: Some of our favorite aspects of their wedding were: – the purple and white custom M&Ms — Jamie works for Mars Candy, so they had to have them! – the bruschetta emblazoned with their initials (a specialty of Food Company Catering) – their “no problem” attitude during the portrait session at gorgeous Van Vleck Gardens — it was raining, but Sara and Jamie didn’t worry for a moment and just had a great time! – Jamie’s purple socks, so everything matched the color scheme – the quiet time that Sara and Jamie took in the galleries at the Montclair Art Museum before their reception began, enjoying its amazing art collection – the “Top Secret/M15 Security” documents that Jamie created for the toast.

Sara’s own words about the experience: “One of the most beautiful aspects of a wedding – other than the groom and the bride of course! – is that it brings family and friends from two different worlds together. From the very beginning, my husband and I knew we wanted to make and dedicate this day to our parents, family, and friends. We had folks from all over the world, many of whom had never met. I had family in Canada, France, and Italy and he had family in England, Australia and New Zealand. My friends lived in New York, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, whereas his friends lived in London, Brussels, and Paris. So our wedding was so much more than just a wedding – it was a reunion of sorts, where friends and family from different places and years of our lives came together for the first time, representing the merging of our past into one future story.

“Our vision, then, was to create a wedding that was a testament to the impact and importance so many others had on our own lives. We started with the ceremony in my childhood Catholic church, where I had been part of a youth group and developed the values I live by now. From there, we hopped into our limo with bridesmaids and groomsmen who were the very friends we grew up with and went through growing pains with. We then carried on to the Van Vleck House and Gardens for portraits. I grew up in Jersey whereas my husband recently moved here right before we met, but both of us share a great love for the state’s rich colonial history and majestic natural beauty. The Van Vleck House and Gardens was the perfect space where we could enjoy both this history and beauty as a backdrop to our day.

“Finally, our last stop was the reception at the Montclair Art Museum. This venue was special for so many reasons: it provided our international guests with a great collection of American art to enjoy, it allowed my husband and me to support our love of art and culture, and, most importantly, it allowed us to design and create our reception the way we wanted to. Our caterer, the Food Company Catering and Special Events, served food that reflected my family’s Italian heritage, including a gorgeous salad with burrata cheese and the most delicious ravioli. Our dessert table even included custom made espresso and cappuccinos and an amazing cannoli cake! Of course, that still was not enough dessert, and we served our guests a heavenly cake made by Sweet Sisters bakery that had a chocolate and chantilly cream-flavored tier and a pistachio apricot-flavored tier. Finally, the night ended with one of our favorite memories: our newly united family, both my side and his side, picked the two of us up, and we danced the last dance on the shoulders of all of those who have and will continue to be our support and our strength. Oh, and the best part – Kyo got a pic of that!”The Westchester Wedding Planner_5890 The Westchester Wedding Planner_5893 The Westchester Wedding Planner_5894The Westchester Wedding Planner_5895 The Westchester Wedding Planner_5896 The Westchester Wedding Planner_5897 The Westchester Wedding Planner_5898The Westchester Wedding Planner_5900The Westchester Wedding Planner_5901The Westchester Wedding Planner_5904The Westchester Wedding Planner_5907The Westchester Wedding Planner_5910The Westchester Wedding Planner_5911The Westchester Wedding Planner_5912The Westchester Wedding Planner_5913Photographer: Kyo Morishima Photography | Caterer: Food Company Catering and Special Events | Lighting: JB Lighting Production, LLC | Event Venue: Montclair Art Museum | Ceremony Location: Our Lady of the Mountain Roman Catholic Church | DJ: Scratch Weddings | Cake Designer: Sweet Sisters | Location for Photographs: Van Vleck Gardens


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