Mr. Handsom – Dressing The Groom, Part I

Groom Tux

This one’s all about you, men! Ladies, if you want your guy to feel invested in this spectacular moment, you need to let him have a personal stake in the wedding- what better way to do that than to encourage him to customize his look? While many grooms take this opportunity to go dashing in a classic tux, lots of men are seeking ways to express their personalities through diversifying wedding attireOne of the biggest mistakes grooms make is feeling like they need to be flashy to be noticed amongst the sparkle of the bride’s gown and line of suited men at the alter- the truth is, the best way for a groom to make a strong impression is for him to choose subtle details that make him pop out from all other wedding participants.

Try this:
  • Cufflinks: Guys, pick out cufflinks or encourage your bride to get you a pair as a wedding present that pay tribute to your alma mater, hobbies, or sports teams. Personalized cufflinks are also great gifts for groomsmen and can don everything from footballs to comic book characters without interrupting the feminine feel of the wedding.
  • Footwear: While there are many styles of men’s dress shoes, you may also consider stylish loafers or other footwear options for less formal weddings. And while the amusing element of sneakers has all but worn off, if (and only if!) a groom has some special connection to this footwear (such as his favorite hobby is marathon running) can he pull off a running shoe. Men, please do not abuse this overdone trend- there is no excuse for wearing your favorite dirty gym shoes to your wedding! And if there is no real meaning behind the choice, wearing sneakers can come off as lazy.
  • Style: Grooms are gaining more and more ensemble choices in everything from jacket cut to tie shade as strict tradition is replaced with personal expression.Consider wearing a slightly different jacket than the groomsmen (such as double-breasted vs. single-breasted or satin lapel vs. plain lapel). Opting for a different tie or vest style is a subtle way to make sure you stand out as the man of the moment, but make sense as the center of the wedding.KRG_5656
  • Boutonniere: Men should think about wedding flowers too- and use them to their advantage! cool way for the groom to stand out is for him to design a different and more dramatic boutonniere than his groomsmen. While all of the boutonnieres should make sense together, the groom can add more blossoms, berry and herbal accents, feathers, paper, trinkets, or choose a different floral species than the other men (just keep it in same color family). If the bride is concerned about mismatched flowers, the groomsmen can wear buds of a flower while the groom sports a fully blossomed version. The possibilities are endless and any personality(from youthful joker to mature academic) can be showcased through this serious statement piece.
  • Jewelry: Keep it simple guys, but feel free to choose a few pieces of jewelry that mean something to you. Have your grandfather’s watch tuned up for the occasion,wear a small stud earring, or tuck a delicate token on a chain under your shirt. Just limit your selections to your wedding ring and one or two other pieces.
Part 2 coming soon.
Written by Breanna Boniface


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