Planning a Destination Wedding – 6 Essential Tips

Destination weddings have become a popular choice over recent years, and many couples are turning away from a traditional ceremony at their local place of worship. The thought of sipping cocktails in the sun after your wedding ceremony may be very tempting, but planning a destination wedding requires a particular approach. If you want to take family and friends along to your destination wedding, you need to start the planning process very early.

The following tips will help your to ensure your destination wedding lives up to your dreams.Destination Wedding, Honeymoon1) Choosing the location. Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico are some of the most popular wedding locations, but there are many other options. A picturesque mountaintop or vineyard in Europe may be more appealing to you. Think about a place that you love as a couple, but that’s also going to appeal to your guests. Consider the costs of travel for your guests, and think about the practicalities of travel for young children and older guests. Once you decide on a location, read as many reviews as you can find, and listen to comments made by other couples about their experiences.

2) Choosing the date. The date of your destination wedding is a critical factor. Firstly, check local weather reports to make sure there are no nasty surprises. An island paradise may be a disappointment if you plan a wedding during the wet season. Peak times are generally more expensive, so avoid the most popular dates if you’re planning a wedding on a budget. Remember that your guests may need to save money for the trip and book time off work, so avoid dates less than twelve months away.

3) Don’t try to do everything on your own. Planning a wedding in a location you may not be familiar with adds a number of challenges. Language may be an issue if you choose an exotic location, and it’s wise to get help with the essentials like planning the ceremony. A wedding planner will be able to help with organizing a photographer, transport and other things you can’t afford to get wrong. Some hotels offer complete wedding packages but don’t be afraid to make your own arrangements and book a wedding planner.Beach Destination Weddings 4) Make sure it’s a relaxing and enjoyable experience. A common mistake in planning a wedding is to not allow enough time to relax and enjoy the day. If you have long flights to the allow at least a day to recover before the ceremony and celebrations. Some of your guests may want to spend time on their own before or after the wedding day, so make allowances and be flexible where possible.

5) Check the legalities. A wedding ceremony may not be legally binding if you are a visitor from another country. Marriages in some countries are only recognized in law if you’ve been a resident for a set period of time. Always check the legalities and consider having a ceremony in your own country before traveling.

6) Celebrate your wedding with those who can’t make the ceremony. Choosing a destination wedding may mean that some friends or family aren’t able to join you. The costs may put some people off, and elderly relatives may not be able to travel long distances. Having a party when you get home is a great way of sharing your wedding celebrations with all your loved ones. Choosing a party theme connected with your wedding destination is a great way of giving everyone a taste of the experience.


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