A Rustic Chic Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Just in time for the day where love, heart shaped candies, and grand gestures are celebrated, Emily Louise Photography and Photography by Ilona Gorokhovskiy bring you this sweet and memorable romantic Valentine’s surprise. Every girl’s is dream to get all gussied up and whisked away by their man on a romantic rendezvous. The Westchester Wedding Planner, Valentine's Day CupcakesOur lady fits the sweetheart look perfectly in a champagne tulle skirt and soft pink cardigan from Nordstrom as she waits patiently for her love to whisk her away. Her morning was spent carefully putting on makeup, painting her nails, and hair softly styled, with curious thoughts bouncing around her mind as she tries to guess what surprise her man has in store.

Our guy arrives on the scene in a sharp Express suit, ready to love on his lady. He carries with him a luscious bouquet of roses and tulips in warm hues of red and orange.

In a shaded forest our lovers arrive at their deliciously sweet picnic site complete with red raspberry soda, cinnamon heart candies and custom cupcakes clad in colors of cupid. More flowers don carefully placed boxes upon which memories past and plans for future memories sit.

Cuddled up on a soft brown blanket and leaning against soft bold red and brown pillows, they hold each other close as the trees whistle and dance above them. Between the trunks hangs cards from Valentines and dates past to remind the two of all the memories of the love they have for each other. They catch each others eyes and are swept away in the romantic setting as memories float by of their first hug, first kiss, first Valentines date! It seems as if this evening can go on forever. These two sweethearts complete the evening with snaps of the Polaroid to create more memories for Valentines to come!

This is a sweet and personal idea that anyone can run with if they want to earn major brownie points this Valentines day! We hope you are inspired.

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Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Ideas

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