Snow Engagement Session

They’re engaged! We love engagement sessions in general but, engagement sessions in the snow are my favorite. They can be so cosy and warm despite the cold and snow. The obvious love, captured by Nicki Hufford Photography, between these two lovebirds together with their pups keeps them nice and toasty, no doubt.The Westchester Wedding Planner, Engagement SessionHow we met: Jason moved to Pittsburgh from California to spend time with his cousin Tom, and help him in his business. He spent most of his free time with his cousin Tom and Tom’s girlfriend Tracee. I moved to Pittsburgh from Florida to spend the summer with family while working with my Aunt Debbie in her salon, where I met Tracee who is friends with my Aunt. Tracee set us up on a blind date.
We soon discovered that we had both moved to the area around the same time, went to all the same places, and even lived walking distance from each other and never met. Both of our families grew up in the same town and so many of our friends and families know one another.
How he proposed: Jason and I were planning a trip to Florida with a number of my uncles, aunts, and cousins, to visit with my parents. He had planned to ask me while in Florida in front of my family, however he couldn’t wait! So, he called my dad and my mom, and asked their permission.

That night I came home from getting my nails done (thank god), and standing in our living room Jason dropped to one knee. Don’t ask me what he said because I have NO idea!

I asked him to see the ring, I slipped it on my finger and never even said YES! Finally Jason asked me if that was a yes, and I agreed it was. We opened my favorite champagne and began calling relatives.The Westchester Wedding Planner_4257 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4258The Westchester Wedding Planner_4259The Westchester Wedding Planner_4262The Westchester Wedding Planner_4261The Westchester Wedding Planner_4260The Westchester Wedding Planner_4263The Westchester Wedding Planner_4266The Westchester Wedding Planner_4265The Westchester Wedding Planner_4264The Westchester Wedding Planner_4267The Westchester Wedding Planner_4270The Westchester Wedding Planner_4269The Westchester Wedding Planner_4268The Westchester Wedding Planner_4271The Westchester Wedding Planner_4276The Westchester Wedding Planner_4275The Westchester Wedding Planner_4274The Westchester Wedding Planner_4273The Westchester Wedding Planner_4272The Westchester Wedding Planner_4277The Westchester Wedding Planner_4278

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