Stumped about your wedding registry?

Here are six tips to get you going!

Inventory your stuff.
People are getting married on average four years later than they were 20 years ago, and older usually means more stuff! Do an inventory of your combined households, decide what’s missing and what needs upgrading, and then reflect your findings in the registry.Wedding Registry

Register in several places, both on and offline.
Remember that gift-giving is personal! Some of your guests may not feel inspired by your favourite online choice, and Grandma may feel more comfortable dealing with the local brick and mortar store.

Create a wedding website with registry links.
Wedding websites offer a world of options and ease to your tech savvy friends and family, and will help avoid duplicate gifts.

Register items at a variety of price points.
Only makes sense, right? Give people options.

Invite them to kick-in to the honeymoon fund!
Experiences are gifts, too! Describe your plans on your website in luscious detail, and add a link to PayPal so guests can contribute cash for specific things like airfare, a car rental, a champagne dinner, or a romantic day at the spa! That way, everyone can share in the romance!

Do register.
Maybe you two are going for the simple life, or have enough things. But the fact remains that people want to give you something, so make it easy for them. If you’re set on no stuff, incorporate your favorite charities and nonprofits by adding donation links to your wedding website.



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