Waverly Mansion Military Wedding – Marcella Treybig Photography

Vince and Jamie are the definition of true love and endurance. With a fiancé in the Marines, Jamie planned most of their wedding while he was away, making their special day sweet and personal. With smiles, kisses and an adorable Boston Terrier, this wedding will bring out your biggest smile!Darr_Gonzalez_Marcella_Treybig_Photography_048waverlymansionwedding1782_lowFrom the Photographer: A Cuban cutie and a silly redhead…I bet you’re thinking “I love Lucy” right? Nope. It’s Jamie & Vince and the story of their wedding day! These two totally fit the movie personalities of Lucy and Ricky, making for a fun wedding filled with humor. Vince is a Marine in the military, making the Chapel at the Annapolis Naval Base the perfect place for their ceremony and creating lots of opportunities for Jamie to add in a few military details here and there. Their dog Cooper (aka Mini Coop), a Boston terrier, was a fixture in her room as she was getting ready and was such a fun addition to the morning buzz. Jamie planned most of the wedding while Vince was away so lots of the touches were hand made DIY details and coordinated by a friend. They really pulled it off like pros… and we know not everyone can. They even had cigars for the guys to smoke and old cigar boxes decorating the tables as center pieces.TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0001Darr_Gonzalez_Marcella_Treybig_Photography_024waverlymansionwedding1347_lowTheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0005TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0015TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0011TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0007TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0008TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0003TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0010TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0014TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0016TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0017TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0018TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0019TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0021TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0022TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0023TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0024TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0025TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0026TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0027TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0028TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0009TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0033TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0029TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0030TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0031TheWestchesterWeddingPlanner MarcellaTreybigPhotography_0032Photography: Marcella Treybig Photography | Venue: Waverly Mansion | Hair Stylist: Wedlocks. llc | Makeup Artist: Blush Makeup Artistry | Caterer: Catering by Uptown | Dress: Formals | DJ: MusicMasters

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