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We love having a Guest Blogger pop in now and then. Today we welcome Alex of NJ Wedding Photographer – Idalia Photography, who brings us the top ten tips for couples trying to future out what to wear for their engagement photo session. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, kick up your feet because it’s almost the weekend and enjoy this guest post.

* * * * * * The Westchester Wedding Planner, Engagement Picture Tips_6835My husband and I absolutely love shooting engagement sessions! We love having the opportunity to get to know our couples so that they get used to our shooting styles. It’s so fun to see how happy our newly engaged couples are, and we love giving our brides the opportunity to show off that ring! With spring quickly approaching, many of our couples are starting to plan their spring and summer engagement sessions, so today I thought I would share our Top Ten tips for what to wear for engagement photos.

10. Plan your outfit after you’ve chosen your location. If you think about your routine fashion choices, you can see how locations tend to dictate what we wear. If you’ve chosen a casual setting such as a park, you may want to wear something fitting that location such as skinny jeans and flats for the ladies and jeans and an untucked shirt for the guys. Likewise, if you’ve chosen a museum, you may want to wear something a little more chic such as that little black dress you love or a sports coat or dress shirt.

9. Coordinate but don’t match! Choose colors that complement each other but avoid wearing matching outfits. (Matching tattoos at your discretion!)

8. Avoid logos. To avoid looking like you are advertising for your favorite brand, it is preferable to stay away from graphics and logos on tees, sweatshirts, and even footwear.The Westchester Wedding Planner, Engagement Picture Tips_6832

7. Add layers. While it is best to wear fitted clothing, don’t be afraid to add layers such as that cute cardigan or favorite jacket.

6. Choose colors wisely. Be sure to choose colors that complement your skin tone well while avoiding scene-stealing bright colors.

5. Wear accessories. It’s always a good idea to add a necklace or scarf to any outfit! Guys, leave the ball caps at home.

4. Stay away from busy patterns. (That way, you can avoid “artifacts” such as aliasing or moiré, those wavy lines created by tiny patterns.)

3. Make sure you are comfortable! The more comfortable you are, the better! Ladies, if you decide to wear heels for your session, it’s a good idea to bring flats to change into when switching locations.

2. Bring another outfit! If you have a second outfit to change into, you’ll have so much more variety in your photos. Consider starting out dressy and then transitioning to a more casual outfit midway through the session.

1. Be yourself! Choose outfits that will allow your photographer to capture the real you. You’ll want to look like the best versions of yourselves, not like altogether different people.

And there you have it! I hope these tips were helpful to you while you pick out your outfits for your engagement session. Have lots of fun, enjoy every minute of your session and congratulations on your engagement!The Westchester Wedding Planner, Engagement Picture Tips_6833All photographs © NJ Wedding Photographer

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