TopTablePlanner: Seat Arrangements Made Dreamy

As your wedding approaches, one of the most delightful things to do is daydream about all the joy and light and love of the reception.

And I’m sure you’ve imagined so many details – from the sweet words you’ll exchange, to the sweet cake you’ll eat. Which is why I’m so grateful I found this new program – TopTablePlanner – as it lets you dream even more.Seating chart, The Westchester Wedding Planner

TopTablePlanner turns a tedious task of arranging seats and organizing RSVPs, into another dreamy endeavor. With a few clicks, you can literally visualize and map out where all your loved ones will gather.

You can import your list of guests with a variety of details (RSVP status, meal options, age) straight into TopTablePlanner. And you can create a custom layout that matches the room you’ll actually be in. So you can toss out those handmade drawings in exchange for this completely customizable tool!

TopTablePlanner lives online, so you can login from any computer, iPad, or phone. And you can save a PDF and send it to your caterer and wedding planner to ensure your daydreams become your reception reality.

Fair warning: It is such a simple, and lovely tool that you might create a seating chart for all your dinners!The Westchester Wedding Planner_2046 The Westchester Wedding Planner_2047

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