Mix and Match, DIY, and Rustic.

Bethanie and Mitch took this barn’s country appeal and turned it into a party like no other! From colorful bridesmaids dresses to witty memorabilia and rustic DIY, the fun couple made sure to give their guests (and themselves) a wedding they would never forget.

McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM2310_lowFrom the Photographer: Mitch & Bethanie were married at the beautiful Southwind Hills Barn Venue in Norman, Oklahoma. Bethanie’s main focus for her wedding was on a feeling of family instead of a stuffy wedding. “I just want everyone to have fun & party” she said, and that’s exactly what happened.  The couple got married in a beautiful barn venue, partied with their loved ones, and then rolled out of their wedding in style with a vintage Impala!McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_DSC8061_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM1714_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM1788_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM1904_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM1898_lowMcLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_DSC8321_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_DSC8175_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_DSC8151_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM1682_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM2221_lowMcLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM2326_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM2337_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_DSC8462_lowMcLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM2518_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM2684_lowMcLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM2423_low McLaughlin_Lied_Hibben_Photography_SAM2737_lowPhotograhy: Hibben Photography | Venue: Southwind Hills Barn Venue | Design/Decor: The Honeypot

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