Wedding at Alder Manor by Sarah Tew Photography

This amazing Westchester venue is truly a rare jewel. A 1912 abandoned mansion left in disrepair boasts numerous original details that take you back in time. Often used as the backdrop for many films and fashion photo shoots, Adler Manor is the ultimate location. The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7072From the photographer: I knew I was going to love this wedding when Tracey told me about the flower-girl dresses during our consultation. Then I found out about their plan for a DIY 3D photo booth setup with stereo prints being made for their guests (along with souvenir 3D viewers of course). Their location, Alder Manor, is a 1912 mansion that was abandoned and left to decay for many years– the original details are all there, though, of course, with a flavor of disrepair: paint peels down the walls in many rooms. Dinner in a library and a ballroom with long tables and family style plating.

DIY projects: Antique Luggage card-box made by the Bride. 3d Stereo Photobooth was a DIY project (an intense one) planned by the couple with help from 2 friends who ran it / shot pictures / created prints and oversaw the process all night. Favors were the prints (stereo images) with 3d viewers. You’d have to ask the couple about this project for more details! Antique Typewriter and instructions for the “guestbook” were planned and set up created by Bride and Groom. Chuppah top-piece knitted by the Bride. Menus with DIY crossword puzzle, personalized pencils, Sing-Along-To-The-First-Dance lyric sheets, Ceremony Programs/fans were all created by the Couple. Table seating charts (for long tables) designed by couple, executed by friends the afternoon of wedding. Father v. Daughter Ping Pong match (instead of a dance) conceptualized by Tracey, the Bride. Flower-girl-dresses (antique style) created by the Bride. Family photograph gallery created by the Bride.The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7054 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7064 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7066 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7065 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7069 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7068The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7057 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7055The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7079 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7080 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7082 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7085 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7086 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7087The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7061The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7090 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7091 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7094 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7097The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7101The Westchester Wedding Planner,_7095Photographer:  Sarah Tew Photography | Caterer: Chefs at Work Caterers | DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Dainty Hippo | Jewelry: Jewel Boutique | Hair Stylist: Danielle Tedesco | DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Mama Can’t Sing | Dress Designer: Polly Fossey Designs | Reception Venue: Tara Circle at Alder Manor | Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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