Wedding Cake Tasting Tips

Schedule an appointment with a prospective baker to make possible arrangements for your dream wedding cake. You and your spouse-to-be will discover that this is one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning.A cake tasting normally costs between $20 and $50 for four to six cake flavors and frosting types. Here are tips for a successful cake tasting day.Sarah_Tew_PhotographyPhoto by Sarah Tew Photography

Since you will be sampling lots of sugary foods during your cake tasting, you might not want to end up with a sudden spike on your blood sugar levels. Eat a small, light meal. It is also a bad idea to go to a cake tasting appointment while you are hungry because your judgment will be clouded by your desire to eat.

During the cake tasting, start with the light, fluffy cakes before you sample the dense chocolate-based ones. Savor every bite. Pay attention not only to the flavors of the cake samples but also to their texture. Do you like moist or slightly crumbly cake? How about the frosting? Should you go for rich butter cream or fondant icing? How about having different flavors on the cake layers? Then drink water between each sampling to cleanse your palate.

Note the flavors of the filling, icing, and cake sponge that you like. Also, take into consideration the flavors that will generally appeal to your guests. You may love the taste of lemon cake, for example, but many people prefer chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry cakes.

Bring pictures of wedding cake designs that you like. Your dream cake doesn’t even have to be a traditional multi-tiered wedding cake, because you can always serve delicious cupcakes and pies. Talk to the baker about pricing and design considerations. Don’t forget to state your budget, so your baker can suggest appropriate designs and alternatives.

By K. Ong

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