Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Ten important things to remember:

1. Spell everything out. The year, date, time, addresses and names. The only exceptions are Mr., Mrs., Ms., Jr., and Sr.

2. These days, anyone can request the pleasure! Traditionally, the bride’s parents issue the invitation (Doctor and Mrs. Tom Jones request the honour, etc…), but now couples may request the pleasure of their guests’ attendance, if they are footing the bill. If the bride’s parents have married other people, all of them should appear on the invitation.

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3. All pertinent information should be in the invitation, including but not limited to dress code, RSVP card or website, address of the ceremony and reception, and a phone number.

4. Do not include your registry information on the invite. This information is correctly spread by word of mouth. Or, if you have a wedding website, you can post the information there.

5. Do not mail wedding invitations to work addresses. Period.

6. Do not use symbols like & or # on a wedding invitation. This is a formal event,

7. People 18 and older are invited separately. Only younger children can be included in their parents’ invitation, and should be listed by name on the envelope.

8. Do not disinvite kids on the invitation. It is assumed that you are inviting the people whose names are on the envelope. If you think someone needs help understanding your no­children policy, depend on family and close friends to spread the word.

9. Invite single people with their full name “and guest” on the envelope. Any version of “plus one” is tacky, and not allowing singles to bring a date is not polite.

10. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Mistakes in wedding invitations are unacceptable, and neither your designer nor stationer is responsible for proofing your text for you. Have several different sets of eyes review your wording before you go to print.




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