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Veluz Reyes has been designing bridal wear since the age of 26. She always had a passion for clothing design and after graduating from Clothing Technology at the University of the Philippines she knew that the bridal business was where she was supposed to be. She began designing exclusive custom gowns and from that an international name was born. Veluz’ dresses can be seen flooding bridal blogs, magazines, social media and inspiration boards. Famously known for her intricate beading and illusion back’s, there is nothing like a Veluz dress in the bridal market today. Her designs have been so sought after that she decided to launch a Ready To Wear line in 2013. This allowed brides to obtain an exclusive Veluz dress without having to order one custom made. The line featured 9 different styles and silhouettes all showcasing Veluz’ magical embellished look. In March of 2014 Veluz launched her second RTW line, consisting of different lines and fabrics but with the same signature Veluz touch.VeluzPhoto by Annandale Photography

Jennifer Weller always knew she wanted to look different on her wedding day. She flocked to the internet in search of a dress like no other. After finding Veluz on an inspiration board she knew that her wedding wouldn’t be complete unless she was a Veluz Bride herself.  Jennifer meet Veluz in NYC and instantly great friendship was born. Upon the launch of Veluz2013 RTW line, both Jen and Veluz knew that the RTW Vivian gown was the one for her.  The awe and excitement over that gown made Jen realize that more US brides needed to share the same experience and needed to have the opportunity to become a Veluz Bride themselves.  

Veluz BridalOn April 1st Jennifer Weller was announced as the official US representative for the Veluz Reyes Ready To Wear lines.  She launched her company Ever After Bridal Inc, which allows US brides to buy Veluz RTW gowns directly from a US seller. In addition to sales, Ever After Bridal also features a “Try One On” option, which actually ships brides the gown of their choice to try on in the comfort of their own home! This allows brides to touch, see and experience the magic of a Veluz gown without having to fully purchase it first.  Jen believed that trying on your wedding gown is an exciting part of the process and many US brides may have a hard time purchasing their dress sight unseen. Ever After Bridal’s try on service address’ this issue helping brides see and feel the perfection of a Veluz gown before they go ahead and buy it.  The bridal market is always changing but there is nothing like the unique designs of Veluz gowns. Each dress offers elegance, enchantment and exclusivity making any bride who wear’s one feel exceptionally exquisite on their wedding day. 
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Veluz DressesPhoto by Mimi+Karl

everafter-veluzPlease head to www.eabridal.com to become a US Veluz Bride today!



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