How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer


Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Indeed, a wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors you need to have for your big day. No matter what others say, a wedding photographer is a must. With one, you can expect professional looking photos that you can proudly show to your friends, family, and colleagues. And, you can expect every moment of your wedding is creatively captured and turned into beautiful images that last forever. 

However, in today’s time, there are just too many “photographers” in town. So, it can be difficult to choose who to hire for your wedding. So, we’ve come up with some tips on how to choose the RIGHT photographer for your big day. 

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer?

  • Decide on a Style

Settling on a photography style can lead you to the photographer you are looking for. So, together with your partner, ask yourselves what type of photos you want to have. Do you wish to have posed shots for your wedding day? Or, do you prefer candid photos that fully captures the emotions of each moment?

The style you choose can also affect the mood of your wedding day. Do you want a photographer who’s in control and directing you and your guests how to do your poses? Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable with a photographer who takes images unnoticed?

  • Do Your Homework

Make sure that you take the time to search for reviews from recent newlyweds and go through local listings. Once you’ve selected a few of your potential photographers, be sure to browse their website and blogs. And, check out the photos they’ve shot. Doing so will give you an idea of their style and it will help you narrow down your choices. 

Also, include checking out their branding, portfolio, and social media accounts. Then, reach out and communicate with them. Send an email, call, or meet with them to see how they interact with their clients. Remember, the vibe you get from your photographer is as important as their skill. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable at your wedding, don’t you?

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer
  • Compare Packages

Their package is a great factor to consider when choosing your photographer. How will they deliver your photos and what is included in their package? You must ask these questions upfront. Find out everything you can about their standard package and ask about the basic range for anything you think you might need but is not included. For instance, additional coverage or special effects. With this, you can easily compare rates and finally make your decision.

Most wedding packages include 6 to 12 hours of coverage, more than 350 professionally edited images, and a turnover of photos using a USB device. Some also offer a final slideshow which will be delivered to you digitally and a photo album. To make this easier for you, figure out what you need from your photographer and find the package that best fits you.

  • Ask About Post-Production and Final Turnover

Another thing to consider when hiring your photographer is their turnover period or the amount of time you have to wait for your final photos. Usually, it takes AT LEAST a month to get them from your photographer. 

Now, before you say that’s too long, think about the number of photos we’re talking about here. You may be promised a total of more than 350 photos but the reality is, there were probably a thousand photos taken during your big day. So, this means, your photographer will look through a thousand photos and choose the best ones. On top of that, he will edit each one depending on your taste and preference. Not to mention that these photos are raw – meaning, they are bigger than JPG. As a result, these photos will take longer to upload, process, and edit. 

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Aside from asking their expected date of turning over all your photos, also ask about how many images you can expect and whether they will be in low or high resolution. Ask whether you have full rights to your images as well and if they offer retouching options and special effects – if needed. Finally, ask whether they have additional charges for such.

Wedding Photographer No-No’s

Never get a relative or a friend to be your wedding photographer. Sure, free always sounds good. But, the output isn’t all that well. Will you put that much pressure and responsibility on a person who probably never covered a wedding in their life before? Don’t take the risk and be comfortable and confident with a professional behind the lens. This way, you can make sure that there are no missed moments and wasted opportunities for a great shot. 

5 Steps to Find the Best Wedding Style

Finding Your Wedding Style

Finding Your Wedding Style

Are you the type of couple who have always dreamt of having a wedding at the beach? Or are you more traditional and wanting to remake your parents’ big day? Nowadays, with the many choices in a venue, huge ranges of rental options, and endless inspirations, choosing the right wedding style for both of you may seem such a big challenge. However, it is the first step to planning the wedding of your dreams! Plus, it’s not exactly that difficult!

Finding the perfect style is the easiest way to planning your weddings. By sticking to a particular style, you are able to make your wedding more unified and give it your personality. More importantly, instead of browsing through limitless themes, colors, and styles for each element of your wedding, you can cut this down and make a decision faster. So, before you start looking for a band, attend food tasting, or start trying out dresses, it’s important that you find your wedding style first.

Popular Wedding Styles

  • Classic or Traditional Wedding - This is usually a formal occasion that includes marrying in a church with the bride wearing a classic styled white wedding dress and a black tuxedo for the groom. In addition, there’s a formal celebration right after the ceremony that often comprises a three-course dinner.
  • Contemporary Elegance - This wedding style has the foundations of a class wedding but with a twist. This contemporary twist may include a modern design choice in the venue or opting to go with a non-traditional dress. It will also mean having modern takes on flowers, decors, and invitations.
  • Rustic Wedding - Here’s a wedding inspired by the simplicity of the country life and giving reference to the outdoors. It incorporates rustic elements like metal, timber, and natural flowers and bouquets.
  • Beach Wedding - At a beach wedding, guests can feel more relaxed and they are not required to wear formal clothing. It is also common for the bride to wear sandals or even no shoes at all.
Finding Your Wedding Style
  • Bohemian - This style of weddings has a relaxed and elegant vibe. It usually uses the element of nature where the ceremony can be held outside or greenery. And, if held indoors, it will incorporate floral decorations.

Now, there are lots more wedding styles to choose from and these are only the more popular ones. Eventually, you will find the right wedding style that matches you and your partner’s personalities – only if you follow these next 5 steps!

Steps to Find the Best Wedding Style

1. Dig Deep and Think Big

The first thing you should do is picture your dream wedding. Don’t think about how it will all come together, how much it will cost you, or what others may think. Just dig deep and picture it in your head. What do you see? Do you see everyone you know there? Or do you prefer only your closest friends and relatives? Do you want it held outdoors, indoors, or maybe at home? When do you plan to have your wedding – spring, summer, winter or fall? Do you want it to be modern, vintage, rustic, classic, or go full-on glam?​

2. Think of the Formality

Do you want a fancy wedding or a laid-back vibe? Do you want to see your guests in formal attire at dinner or do you prefer a more casual event with informal seating? Whichever formality you decide now will affect all the other aspects of your wedding. from invitation, food, to your party favors.

3. Be more specific with your vision

You then need to narrow in your style and be more specific with the things you want in your wedding. This will make it easier for you to get in on the details and convey your ideas. So, visualize your dream wedding again and choose a theme. It can be anything you want, from your favorite hobby, era, or perhaps a place that is related to your culture or heritage.

Finding Your Wedding Style

Now, to help shape your wedding style, think of interesting things you have in common with your soon-to-be husband/wife. Just don’t try putting ideas together as this will only look confusing. It is best to compromise on a single concept and stick to it.

4. Choose a color

Your choice of color will be the unifying element in your wedding. It’s the one thing that puts everything together. And, the easiest way to choose a color is to stick to the main color and select an accent color. However, you don’t need to limit yourself with two colors. You can add neutrals or metallic accents to make it livelier.

5. Don’t forget the mood

Your theme does more than just change the look of your wedding as it also sets its tone. A beach wedding gives your guests a relaxed party vibe, encouraging them to kick off their shoes and maybe enjoy a bottle of beer. On the other hand, a formal wedding at a ballroom will attract your friends and family to have fun and dance the night away. Whatever style you choose, as long as it is based on your personalities or passion, you can guarantee a truly special wedding that all your guests can enjoy.

Also, to immortalize every aspect of your wedding, make sure to capture it all with the help of professional photographers! It will be such a waste if you’ve already invested in so much to make your wedding dream into a reality and not have something to remember it by!

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?


What is a Wedding Planner?

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

A wedding planner is an extremely helpful person that you can rely on your wedding. She’s a go-to person to help you and your soon-to-be partner, making things easier and more convenient for you both. She handles all – and we mean every aspect of your wedding, from the little things down to the major details.

Wedding planners are responsible for putting all the elements together to pull off the wedding of your dreams. This covers the planning stage from the very beginning until your big day itself, sometimes even on planning your honeymoon! This is why hiring a wedding planner seems a  lot… well, because they do a lot as well! However, it’s understandable that not all couples instantly go for hiring one, especially when having budget constraints.

And, if you are trying to figure out whether you need a wedding planner or not, or whether you can do the things she can or not, then let us help you out! We’ll give you a list of things a wedding planner does and you decide at the end if you are willing to invest in hiring for help or simply put that money elsewhere.

What is a Wedding Planner?

  • Help set you and your partner up with a realistic budget for your wedding. And, makes sure you stay within it. She can also help you decide on the wedding elements that you really need or you can simply take off your list, fewer things to pay!
  • Based on your budget, vision, and wedding size, she will show you the best locations in the area for your reception.​
  • Create a master plan covering all the details of your wedding, from your song in the ceremony to party favors you’d give to your guests.​
What is a Wedding Planner?
  • Find you the best photographers in town and whose services are fit within your budget. She will see whether or not they are what you are looking for, look at their portfolio and communicate on your behalf. Do they give out a physical wedding photo album or are they going to and out digital copies? They will also ask for a quotation and if everything looks great, she will schedule you to meet your potential photographers. Now, imagine this for all your vendors - florist, caterers, bands, DJs, etc.
  • A planner will also bring you lots of discounts. As a seasoned wedding planner, she already has favored vendors that she often recommends to a couple. And, since they are familiar with each other, you can expect lower prices or even extra services without charge.​​
What is a Wedding Planner?
  • Handles formalities such as contracts and negotiations, making sure everything is right and is of your best interest.
  • Creates a timeline and informs everyone involved, such as your vendors, friends, family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. what to do and when they should do it. She makes sure you are following the timeline too.
  • Handles your invitations, helps in its wordings and design, order it, and sends them to your guests. She also keeps track of your RSVPs.
  • Provides you with advice and guidance on what design best matches your vision and what’s hot in the wedding scene.
  • Communicates with your friends, guests, and family members, and inform them of your desires or requests - only if you can’t do it on your own.
  • Manage your big day, talking to your vendors and making sure they make their deliveries on time and set up early. She also oversees everything and if an issue or emergency arises, she will be the first person on it. She will also help soothe you if you’re feeling a little off.
  • Helps you plan and book your flight, because hey, why stop now, right?

Do You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Indeed, a planner does carry a lot of responsibilities at a wedding. With one, you can be at ease and simply relax, knowing you have a remarkable person trying to make your dream wedding into a reality.

Now, the big question is if you need one. We can’t answer this for you. You have to see for yourself if you are capable of doing all these things. 

Do you think you can handle all these wedding planner tasks? For others, between keeping social relationships and a full-time day job, this is impossible. However, for some, they can do it. So, it really all boils down to you!

Just remember, that planning your wedding shouldn’t stress you out too much because then you won’t have time to enjoy its moments.