The Veil, Which one is right for you?

22044375_mThe custom of wearing a veil dates back to the Roman and Greek times, when it was believed that it protected the bride from evil. Later in Europe, where marriages were arranged, veils were used to prevent the groom from seeing his bride before the marriage was finalized. Over time, the reasons for wearing a veil have changed. Today, the decision to wear a veil is purely a personal choice. So, whether you choose to wear a veil or not, it is most  certainly a fashion statement.10018684_s

Here are eight of the most popular veil styles:

  • Elbow length – As the name implies, this is an elbow length veil that is easy to wear.
  • Blusher – This is a short veil that covers the bride’s face.
  • Birdcage – Covering the face, this style falls just below the chin to cover the face. Often this small veil is attached to a small hat.
  • Fingertip – The most popular length, this veil extends to just touch the tips of the fingers. It works very well with ball gowns.
  • Floor length – This veil is perfect if you want length but fear getting tangled.
  • Chapel also known as Sweep – A little longer than the floor length giving a slight trail. Perfectly wearable.
  • Mantilla – This is a long, Spanish-style frames the face. Traditionally, this veil is made of lace or lace edged tulle, secured with a comb.
  • Cathedral - As long as they come. Usually falls over 3 yards from the headpiece.


Coral Chic Still Trendy – Etsy TWWP Contributors

Coral, Peach Wedding colorsCoral Trendy Wedding Colors

It’s a Garden Party! – Hammond Museum

Great collaboration at the Hammond Museum. Inspired by the idea of a sage and lavender garden party.

Westchester Weddings Venues

More inspiration in our Spring/Summer Issue available in Amazone and Whole Foods Markets, Westchester. Hammond Museum | Forever In Bloom | Leslie Lampert Affairs | The Dessy Group | Be Unique Boutique | Sweet Delights | Salon 228 | Via Michelle | Party Line | Cartwright Rentals | Elephant’s Trunk | Little Candy Cake | Kensico Soap | Laura Damiano Designs | Margaret Rizutto Photography | Nicole Taylor Photography | Aida Krgin Photography | Stefy Hilmer Photography | LCR Events | Stortz Lighting

“Pre-Wedding” Bloomingdale’s Bridal Registry

Procrastinating on getting that wedding registry started? Let the lovely ladies at Bloomingdale’s White Plains help you.


Call for Submissions: Real Westchester Weddings

Calling brides, event planners and photographers! We’re on the hunt for gorgeous, inspiring, romantic, and unique Real Westchester Weddings to feature on the blog and possibly in our next issue of the magazine. We are primarily looking for weddings in the venues listed below that are rich in details, passion, sophistication and beauty.
Photo by Robert Wagner Photography. Submitted by Ali Barone Events.Photo by Robert Wagner Photography. Submitted by Ali Barone Events.
Unique Westchester Venues:
Sleepy Hollow Country Club, Westchester Country Club, Lyndhurst Mansion, The Garrison, 
Trump National Golf Club, Boscobel, Haymount House, Adler Manor, Blue Hill at Stone Barn
Basilica Hudson, Caramoor, Au Ciel The Space, Hammond Museum, Bedford Post Inn
Roundhose at Beacon, other mansions, farms, restaurants, backyards and any unique spaces.


  • To submit a wedding for consideration, please provide 5 to 10 low resolution images or a link to a personal blog post in an email to info@thewestchesterweddingplanner. Please submit an image of the couple, the reception, details and the venue.
  • (Photographers) You may submit multiple events.

If selected:

  • We will need a complete vendor list:
    Bride and Bridesmaids dress designer and where they where purchased
    Hair Accessories
    Groom and Groomsmen Attire
    Any DIY
    Photo Booth
    Church or ceremony site
  • A short, single paragraph from the bride sharing her experience planning her wedding. Specific questions will be provided.
  • A couple’s and photographer’s release will be required.
  • Blog submissions: 600 pixels wide, 300dpi. Print submissions: full resolution, 300dpi.

Send your submissions to

We look forward to receiving your beautiful wedding!


Mr. Handsome – Dressing The Groom, Part 2

Timeline: If you’re going with a tux, order it (along with all of the groomsmen ensembles) at least 3 months before the wedding. Plan on having alterations with your final fitting about a month before the wedding to leave time for last minute adjustments. Suits and other wedding wear, like beach-perfect khakis, should also be tailored for you to look your best, so select them at least a month before the big day.

Begin skin treatments like facials at least a couple of months prior to your nuptials.Professional sessions and home regimens will make a huge difference in your overall appearance on the day-of, but you should consult with an esthetician before starting. And you don’t want to test out a treatment a week before the wedding only to discover your skinreacts undesirably to exfoliants.



Weddings don’t just mean tuxedos anymore- your outfit choice should reflect your venue and level of formality. While tuxes look stunning on all men, a lighter colored suit decked out in fall colors is more appropriate for a less formal outdoor orchard wedding. Casual can still look sharp and polished- just make sure that all of your pieces fit your body perfectly and flow with the overall wedding.

Consider the cut and quality of your shirt and vest as you’ll probably take your jacket off at some point. Have an extra shirt and pair of socks on hand to refresh your look throughout the day.

When you finally pick up your tux or suit, try everything on before you leave the store.  Make sure each item fits properly, you have everything you ordered, and the groomsmen outfits match. If renting, check for stains, tears, etc.

Rent or buy? If it’s likely that you’ll need a tux about three times in the next few years, it’s usually worth it to buy one. If not, rentals are just fine and cost about 10-30% of a tuxedo’s purchase price. Find a rental shop that regularly updates its inventory and can supply everything you and your groomsmen need for your ensembles. Get all groomsmen suits/tuxedos from the same shop to ensure consistency. If some groomsmen cannot make it to the fittings, they should have professional measurements taken and sent to the store.

Accessories count for you too men! Have any jewelry you plan on wearing professionally cleaned and make sure shoes are polished to perfection!

Whether you opt for beach sandals or dress shoes, have a pedicure along with a manicure. We promise, you’ll feel clean and confident, and your bride will be happy later on. Whatever you do, do not skip the manicure! While you won’t have the fancy polish the bride gets, your hands will look much nicer in those close-up shots of the rings. Also, we recommend splurging on a professional shave for you and the boys- what a way to feel special and relaxed (not to mention you’ll look great!).

Most importantly, BE YOURSELF! You don’t need to change your rocker hairstyle for the wedding (although you should tame it and make it presentable for grandma)- this day should showcase the very best version of you, not a cookie-cutter groom!


A Final Word: Okay, so lots of brides have every minute detail of the day planned way in advance (some even before they meet their partners) and yours just doesn’t think your personal style can fit into her vision. What do you do? Well fellas, this is your day too, and we guess that even the staunchest of brides will let you make some big choices if you know how to approach her. Remember that compromise is key, but society has told us all for a long time that weddings are strictly the woman’s day- your bride has been convinced through years of conditioning that everything should be exactly as she wants it (so don’t jump to anger when she expects the final say in all of the decisions).  When you start protesting, she may see your interference as unfair. The key is to keep conversations positive and show appreciation for all of the work she is putting into making your joint day spectacular. If she wants you to make a drastic change, like in hairstyle, or wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable, get her undivided attention and tell her how much it would mean to you to stamp something personal on your wedding day look. Women respond much better to feelings than control struggles, so remind her how much you love her and are looking forward to marrying her, and that you would really like to be involved by choosing your own outfit and a few personal touches, like cuff links. Let her know that you can’t wait to be surprised when you see her at the end of the aisle, and while you plan on keeping your ensemble in line with the wedding theme, you would like her to bepleasantly surprised as well. Assure her that you’ll be groomed (pun intended) to perfection and she can expect to find the best possible you waiting to join your life with hers!

 Written by Breanna Boniface

We are looking for an Intern


We are looking for a high school senior or a college student interested in business, office management, photography and other aspects of magazine publishing. As an intern you will assist with social media, office related tasks, editorial photo shoots, client interaction, and other aspects of business.

We are looking for someone who:

- can commit to working 10-15 hours a week (June to August).

- has an easy going personality and has a flexible schedule.

- has knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Social Media platforms.

- has an interest in business, marketing, advertising, publishing.

- is upbeat, positive, personable, organized, can take direction well, has a good work ethic.

This position is unpaid, however we will cover travel and meal expenses. We are happy to work with your school so that you can receive credit.

Apply Here


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