Another Chance At A Wedding

This is truly one of the most beautiful photo shoots we have come across. Not only are the photographs an exceptional quality but, the story that comes along with these beauties tugs at your heart strings. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. That when something is meant to be the starts will align just right to allow every detail to fall into place precisely where it should. Although married for ten years, this gorgeous couple never had a wedding. Sarah of Taken by Sarah shared with us that she was “able to use this couple who had never gotten a wedding and it was just perfect for them. It also happened to be the same week as her 30th birthday and their 10 year anniversary, and the same Grandfather who’s 50th anniversary they married on died later that week as well, so the whole thing was really special.”  We couldn’t be happier to share this romantic wedding inspiration with you. Enjoy!The Westchester Wedding Planner_4075In the words of the beautiful bride (model): “Some say young love won’t last, that you need to find yourself before you can truly love someone else. But for us, we found love at a young age, and that love grew up together. We met in middle school, and on that day at a mere 13 years old, CR told his best friend that he’d found the girl he was going to marry. At the ripe age of 20 he proposed, and though we had no money for a big fancy wedding, we had more love than one could dream of. My grandparents were our inspiration, they had married at 16 and 19, and were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They gave us their original rings from 50 years ago, and we all celebrated the lifetime of love they shared, and our wedding on the same beautiful day at a small plantation in Georgia.

We are approaching a decade of marriage, 4 beautiful children, and a hope for the same lasting love my grandparents found. It was wonderful to have a second chance wedding that we could have only dreamed of, and knowing that we would marry each other all over again, with an even stronger love and commitment than we did so many years ago…”The Westchester Wedding Planner_4061The Westchester Wedding Planner_4065The Westchester Wedding Planner_4067The Westchester Wedding Planner_4068The Westchester Wedding Planner_4070The Westchester Wedding Planner_4072The Westchester Wedding Planner_4076The Westchester Wedding Planner_4079The Westchester Wedding Planner_4081The Westchester Wedding Planner_4083The Westchester Wedding Planner_4082The Westchester Wedding Planner_4084The Westchester Wedding Planner_4087The Westchester Wedding Planner_4089The Westchester Wedding Planner_4091The Westchester Wedding Planner_4094The Westchester Wedding Planner_4095The Westchester Wedding Planner_4101The Westchester Wedding Planner_4102The Westchester Wedding Planner_4103The Westchester Wedding Planner_4106The Westchester Wedding Planner_4110The Westchester Wedding Planner_4108The Westchester Wedding Planner_4112The Westchester Wedding Planner_4117The Westchester Wedding Planner_4119The Westchester Wedding Planner_4121The Westchester Wedding Planner_4125The Westchester Wedding Planner_4126Photography: Taken by Sarah Photography | Venue: VanLandingham Estate | Dress: Fabulous Frocks Charlotte| Shoes: Kate Spade | Cakes: Ella’s Celestial Cakes | Stationary: Sweetest Beginnings | Hair : Glammed and Groomed| Makeup: Blush Beauty and Makeup | Flowers and Planning: Lily Bee’s Events and Florals | Chandeliers: Charlotte Chandeliers | Vintage China:  Heirloom Vintage China | Florals: Willow Floral Boutique | Earrings: Saks off 5th | Jewelry: Chloe and Isabel | Menswear:  Revolve Upscale Menswear and Consignment


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