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We are gushing over this Monique Lhuillier, Candy Blush dress. A dress for the bride who is not into the traditional white wedding gown but still wants to look and feel like the ultimate princess on their wedding day. The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3781Tell us about your dress: My parents and I went to several dress shops and tried on various styles, shapes, and fabrics. The Summer before the wedding, I went to visit my cousins on the east coast and spent an entire day dress shopping in New York City. It was there that I narrowed my options to two gowns. As fortune would have it, both dresses were available at Alta Moda. Upon returning home, I made an appointment for my parents and me to go and make the final decision. It was unanimous with my dad giving his stamp of approval on the Monique Lhuillier, Candy gown in Blush.

What I love about the dress was the craftsmanship. It has multiple layers of tulle in butterscotch, blush, and ivory. Every detail of the gown was just magical with hand sewn silk fabric, little star sequins, and rhinestone beading. One of the most beautiful aspects of the designer’s gowns is the incredible material. It is so comfortable you could sleep in the dress.

Before our planning process started, I know that no matter what dress I chose, I was without a doubt going to have a long train with a blusher. Making that decision was easy, it was a matter of do I pick a blush colored veil or butterscotch colored veil? The blush was the clearly the right choice.

Where did you find the inspiration for your color palette and design? My mother-in-law had given me a beautiful white plate shortly after we got engaged with this subtle metallic pewter and rose gold accents. We loved the way that the colors worked together so beautifully and allowed room to play with colors as they were selecting their wardrobe.The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3732 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3733 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3738 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3741 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3750The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3746The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3754The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3755The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3734The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3737The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3735The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3742The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3757The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3758The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3761The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3789The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3766The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3793The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3795The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3768The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3770The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3772The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3774The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3775The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3776The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3779The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3784The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3787The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3786Photographer:  Logan Walker Photography//Dress Store: Alta MODA Bridal//Dress Store:AMB//Cake Designer: Granite Bakery & Bridal Showcase//Ceremony Location:Holy Trinity Cathedral//Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier, Candy Gown in Blush | Floral Designer: Orchid Dynasty//Cake Designer:The Grand America//Event Venue: GA Hotel | Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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