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We like to think that Fridays are the happiest days and today is no exception. So, on this sunny Friday we plan on spending the day getting to know a fabulous vendor. I’m talking about Silk & Tincture; the family run business located in Knoxville, TN that produces the most beautiful hand dyed and spooled ribbon. Esmé Jones hand dyes the ribbon, and her sons help with the spooling. It truly is a family affair. The Westchester Wedding Planner, Bespoke Ribbon, Silk and TinctureFrom Esmé: All of my ribbon is dyed in my home studio here in Knoxville, TN.  The dying process involves many, many steps, sometimes taking several days before the ribbon is ready and fully processed.  First the dye bath is prepared by rendering dye from plants I grow or acquire in my area, or from extracts I purchase from a small supplier in Kentucky.

Having four sons, it is important to me to teach them the value of the dollar, the value of hand made and the value of tradition.  They sometimes help me spool my ribbon on our spools hand made for us in Gatlinburg, TN. My oldest loves to assist me in any process I allow him to.  I am proud of the work that goes into my silk and I enjoy sharing the process with them.

I am also very proud of using dyes that have been worked with for centuries.  Dyes like Indigo and Cochineal for example, have an extremely interesting past, and as a life long history student, with a BA in history,  working with these natural dyes to create beautiful color brings me deep satisfaction.  King Tut’s tomb had a handkerchief dyed in Indigo, and the Aztecs used Cochineal extensively, and that is only two examples of the many natural dyes I use in creating my ribbon.  Famous and important figures from all over the world and all throughout history wore textiles dyed with the same exact product and process in which I use.The Westchester Wedding Planner_3040The Westchester Wedding Planner_3045The Westchester Wedding Planner_3042The Westchester Wedding Planner_3041The Westchester Wedding Planner_3044

To learn more about Silk & Tincture, please visit the website. If you’re looking for something bespoke for your wedding, get in touch with Esmé, she would love the opportunity to make your custom order.

Be sure to follow Silk & Tincture on and Instagram (@silkandtincture).


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Bespoke Ribbon Custom Ribbon Silk and Tincture Wedding Vendor

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