Boho Chic E-Session by Joe Latter Photographer

I’m just oohing and ahhing over this boho chic engagement session out in California. The flower crown and the lace dress that this beautiful bride-to-be wore were just perfect for her. She looks gorgeous. Oh, and her beau or soon to be hubby, yes very handsome indeed. They sure make a beautiful couple! According to Joe Latter the photographer they had a two-part photo session, part one at twilight and part two at dawn.The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3069From the photographer: Sometimes you meet clients, and you feel like you have been friends your whole life. That’s the way it was when I met with Taylor & Taylor (yes, 2 Taylors) about their upcoming wedding. I’m not sure we even talked about their wedding much but more about life and the outdoors. Turns out that the Taylors have a ranch in the Tehachapi Mountains a couple hours outside Los Angeles. And I thought it would be the perfect setting for their engagement session. My idea was that we would shoot at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve on Saturday till sunset then the ranch at sunrise the next day. The Poppy Reserve had been on my bucket list for engagements for a while now. The Taylors were up for it, so the schedule was set. Anyway, turns out the recent heatwave pretty much demolished the recent poppy bloom. So we jumped in the truck and off we went on a poppy hunt. A short drive into the hills and we found the perfect location.After a successful first shoot, a brisket burger and a bottle of original Coors it was off to bed then up again before the sun. This time we would be gaining light instead of losing it so had to work in reverse order. I’m so thankful that my career requires me to be in some of the most beautiful locations at sunrise and sunset with some great people. PS. Digging Taylor’s wedding boots.The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3066 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3067 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3068The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3070The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3071The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3072The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3073The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3074The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3075The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3076The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3077The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3079The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3080The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3081The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3082The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3083The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3084The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3086The Westchester Wedding Planner,_3087

Photographer:  Joe Latter Photographer | Other Location: Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve | Floral Designer: Studio FioreSubmitted via Two Bright Lights

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