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There’s one central desire I have for you on your wedding day – I want you to enjoy it. In fact, all your amazing friends and family want the same thing! For many couples, having a point person, a problem solver, and a confidant rolled all in one helps them enjoy their day completely. And before you hire your best friend’s sister, who swears she’s good at planning parties, consider these three questions:0560-31. What is my budget and when is my wedding? When you meet with possible planners, knowing these details will clue you into what’s possible and will help your wedding planner give you actual ideas and time frames. Lay it out there and be open to hearing their expertise and suggestions. (Psst…Expert advice – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure they do not promise the moon while only able to deliver moon pies.)

2. What do I love about their past work? If you can see what a planner has worked with before, you’ll know if they can handle your wedding. Ask them for a portfolio, take a look at photos, recommendations, previous wedding sizes, vendors, and venues. Take it a step further and ask to talk with past brides they’ve worked with to hear first hand how everything went down.

3. How well do our styles and personalities align? Is this someone you’d go to happy hour with and get excited about your ideas, or would you worry about annoying them or telling them your opinion? Remember, this planner is your point person, problem solver, and confidant all rolled into one. Trust your gut and if you can’t imagine trusting them with your wedding – don’t.

I’d love to know what else you consider when choosing a wedding planner. Leave a comment and share your words of wisdom for us to all learn from!KRG_5256 SMALL Photography: Aida Krgin


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