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Newly engaged, celebrating a birthday or gearing up for holiday festivities? There’s always a reason to celebrate—and with that, a party to plan. While planning a big bash is often exciting at first, it can quickly become overwhelming. Things can quickly spiral out of control, turning your special event into a stressful and exhausting day rather than the perfect and enjoyable one you had envisioned.

The Westchester Wedding Planner, Wedding Planner_6658

Rustic Chic | Reid Castle at Manhattanville College

If you have wedding to create, how can you safeguard a pleasurable experience from becoming painful at any moment? Hire an event planner. Add professional event planner who will handle the headaches that are sure to arise during preparation. Allowing someone else to worry about the unexpected and take on the responsibility of ensuring that your event is perfect so that you can relax and actually enjoy it!

Enlisting an event planner doesn’t have to mean relinquishing all control and letting someone else decide all the details. You can opt to be as involved (or not) as you choose. In addition to getting everything you want (and likely more than you even dreamed of) you will have the benefit of the connections and experience of someone whose sole goal is to execute an event that surpasses your expectations!

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The Westchester Wedding Planner, Hammond Museum Weddings, 6655

Lavender & Sage Garden Party | Hammond Museum Weddings

The Briarcliff Manor {formerly Haymount House}

Winter Fete | The Briarcliff Manor {formerly Haymount House}

Reid Castle at Manhattanville College

Rustic & Tradition | Reid Castle at Manhattanville College



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