Master All the To-Dos before the I Do

We’ve all heard the fables, the urban legends, the myths…

“My cousin’s, best friend’s, sister put together the most amazing wedding in just a few months! Apparently she just called around, and it all worked out!”

Is it possible to plan your wedding at the last minute? Sure.
Does it increase the chances that you’ll book the most qualified options? Probably not.TWWP-TIMELINE-4, Wedding Planning Timeline

After working as a wedding photographer for the past seven years, I can tell you, the most experienced and qualified vendors get snatched up early. This is why knowing your ultimate plan, your vision, and your budget a year before the wedding puts you on a healthy path to booking your first choice vendors. Couples who know what they want take action early, and they start crossing off the to-dos long before they say their, “I do”s.

To help you out along the way, I created this  thorough timeline and checklist for brides to feel utterly prepared before the big day. Check it out and see how many you’ve already completed!

Cheers to you and yours!

P.S. If your wedding day is fast approaching and you’re beginning to panic – take a nice deep breath. You will marry the love of your life. You will be ok. I promise. Use this guide to help you through the next few months (or weeks) and start checking things off the list until it’s all complete!


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