Rustic Mountain Wedding by Logan Walker Photography

One look at this couple and you’ll agree that this is one beautiful pair.  Trina and Blake met at The Tabernacle (where Blake worked as a bartender) and thought it would be a fun idea to have their First Look and wedding party portraits there. I agree and Logan did an amazing job capturing the fun. Cheers!
The Westchester Wedding Planner_4176How did you and your spouse meet? We met at The Tavernacle, where Blake was a bartender. It was so great to be able to take pictures inside the bar on our wedding day. That was really special!

Did you do a First Look before the ceremony? We are so happy we did a first look! It was nice to get it all out of the way so we could focus on the vows and be in the moment during the ceremony. Plus, it gave us an opportunity to get all of the pictures out of the way so we could celebrate with our guests.

Where did you get the inspiration for your color palette and design? I have always loved old, vintage things and antiques. I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest as well. I spent months going to estate sales and auctions to find some cool old things to decorate with. Amongst my favorite were old whiskey jugs and beautiful crystal glasses for the bar. I also tied in our love for the mountains by twigs, antlers, and lavender. I chose a muted color palette because our location was so beautiful and I didn’t want bright colors competing with the natural scenery.

Any advice you have for future brides? Soak it all up- don’t sweat the small stuff! Enjoy the day because it flies by so quickly. I highly recommend taking pictures with your bridal party before the ceremony. Get as many photos out of the way early as possible! It allows you more time to celebrate and enjoy with your guests! Also, give a very specific list of songs to your DJ. Communicate that it is very important they are played. We gave a list to our DJ and thought that he would play most of the songs. Instead he played a lot of songs that we didnt like.The Westchester Wedding Planner_4147 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4150 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4152 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4156 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4160 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4161The Westchester Wedding Planner_4162 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4164 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4166The Westchester Wedding Planner_4170 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4173 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4177 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4185 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4186The Westchester Wedding Planner_4193 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4196 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4197 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4199 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4202 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4205 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4209The Westchester Wedding Planner_4213 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4214 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4216 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4218 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4224 The Westchester Wedding Planner_4226Photographer:  Logan Walker Photography | Floral Designer: Blooms and Blossoms | Reception Venue: Louland Falls | Cake Designer: Midway Country Corner | Dress Store: White Couture | Wedding favors: Kate Aspen Frames



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  1. The ladies at Pepper Nix Photography love TWWP! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous wedding!!

    • Aww, thank you ladies! The ladies at TWWP love the ladies at Pepper Nix Photography. We love sharing your amazing photography. ~ Happy Weekend!!!


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