Sundance Wedding by Pepper Nix Photography

This wedding, my lovelies, is what weddings are truly all about. Love, family and celebration. In this little piece of heaven, Sundance is the perfect place for one of the most amazing days of your entire life. Beautifully captured by our friend Pepper Nix, we hope you love it as much as we did.The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4392Why did you pick that location for your ceremony? I coordinated a friend’s wedding there and fell in love with the location. Did someone escort you down the aisle? My 4 year old son Mason. He is my best friend and we were excited to all become a family.

Did you follow that tradition and if so, what did you use? Something Blue: My mom gave me a Safire necklace that I wore with my wedding dress. Safire is my birthstone. Something Old: A little mouse pin that was my grandmothers. I pinned it onto my bouquet. My wedding dress was new.

Moments you loved, hated, cried, laughed or giggled at: I hated the fact that I am a wedding planner and I couldn’t turn my wedding planner brain off even at my own wedding. Loved my best friend’s toast.

What you would have done differently, if anything? I wish I would have written down all the people I wanted to thank. I got so nervous and forgot important people!

Any advice you have for future brides? Hire wedding professionals. They know what they are doing. No wedding stress what so ever!

How did you choose your vendors? They are people I’ve worked tons of events with! What is your very best advice to other brides? I had the best vendors. We see and work so many weddings together. I loved having them there for me on my special day not only as vendors but as friends and guests!The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4346The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4347 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4348The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4349The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4350The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4352The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4354The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4355The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4358The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4359The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4362 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4363 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4367 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4370 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4372The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4373 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4374 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4378 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4379The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4381 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4382 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4384 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4388 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4389The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4400 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4402 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4404 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4406 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4408The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4409 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4413 The Westchester Wedding Planner,_4414

Photographer: Pepper Nix Photography | DJ: Allurish Audio | Dress Store: Alta MODA Bridal | Dress Store: AMB | Event Designer: C3 design | Cake Designer: Carrie’s Cakes | Cinema and Video: David Perry Films | Equipment Rentals: Diamond Rental | Floral Designer: Every Blooming Thing | Dress Designer: Modern Trousseau | Officiant: Rev. Anita Gordon and Rev. Craig Gordon – Utah Wedding Minister | Reception Venue: Sundance Ski Resort | Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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5 thoughts on “Sundance Wedding by Pepper Nix Photography

  1. Ahh!! I love Rachael and her wedding was SO beautiful!! Thank you for the gorgeous feature!! XOXO!!!

  2. Rachael’s whole wedding was so beautiful! I really enjoyed being able to create such a unique and lovely cake for her!! Thank you for sharing!!


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