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The centuries’-old tradition of wedding favors is the way a couple returns the well-wishes of their guests. The number 5 is often incorporated into these offerings to signify health, wealth, fertility, longevity and happiness.The Westchester Wedding Planner, cake pops, wedding favorsSadly, though, there is no wedding planning decision as divisive as favors! In this age of de-cluttering, keepsake-style favors like candles, picture frames and CDs often end up left behind, or simply littering the floor of someone’s car. What to do? Enter sweet favors! These enchanting edibles are high-quality, bespoke goodies that often cost less than the stuff that no one wants. Sweet favors quickly become sweet memories!The Westchester Wedding Planner, cake pops_3477
Cake pops by Carb Coma.
Photography: Aida Krgin Photography


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