Veluz 2015 RTW Collection

There is something about the Fall/Winter season that warms the soul. Maybe it’s the holidays or the festive feeling in the air that brings out the best in people. What if a wedding gown could bring out the best in a bride? What if its classic elegance could inspire a genuine old-fashioned love story? You know the kind of love story that no matter how many years go by, still remains fresh in our minds and happy in our hearts.  That was the inspiration behind the new Veluz 2015 Ready To Wear collection. The entire line embodies a timeless tale of romance, sophistication and style. The new collection showcases its everlasting elegance with layers of soft tulle, delicate lace and for the first time ever in a Veluz RTW collection, lavish long sleeves. Being exclusively unveiled in the US by Ever After Bridal Inc, the new Veluz 2015 Ready To Wear collection will not only embody classic romance but also showcase in style, that lasting love can truly be timeless.

The Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0001The Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0002AgnesThe Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0003The Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0004 AlyssaThe Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0005AntheaThe Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0006FrancescaThe Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0007HelenaThe Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0008JulienneThe Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0009KamiraThe Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0010LeonilaThe Westchester Wedding Planner, VELUZ_0011Samantha

The Veluz 2015 Ready To Wear Collection. Available only through Ever After Bridal.

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